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5 Killer Steps to avoid Credit Card SCAMS!!!!! : 5 Killer Steps to avoid Credit Card SCAMS!!!!! By: Tom Levine In August, 2004, the Federal Trade Commission issued their findings of a recent study, which showed that nearly 25 million adults were victims of fraud. Now, most importantly, If you are a victim of fraud, please do not feel like you did anything wrong.
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First Major Regulatory and Legislative Victory of 2005 for Creditors and Consumers : Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, collectors are not allowed to disclose a consumers past due debt to anyone other than the debtor and in some cases a spouse. The Telephone Consumer Protection Act would have required collectors to identify the registered name of their business in any pre-recorded messages to consumers or debtors.
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"Square One: Personality Impacts Job Fit" : Recently, one of my friends (let's call her Martha), the president of a very successful distribution business, lamented the firing of one of her key associates (Phyllis). Phyllis had been hired as a customer service rep in a new, telephone-based customer service effort that was acknowledged by Martha as a critical resource for her firm's growth in the next two years.
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So you want to work at home : So you want to work at home..
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Coping with the Daily Stream of Interruptions : This past few weeks has brought into a brighter light one of the obstacles that we, as home business owners, have to endure all the time..
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10 Simple Steps To Avoid Phony Telemarketers : 10 Simple Steps To Avoid Phony Telemarketers By: James H. Dimmitt Although telemarketing calls should diminish, especially if you've registered for the national do-not-call list, scam artists are still out there hoping to con you out of your hard earned money.
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Stop Telemarketers, Do Not Call List or Not : Stop Telemarketers, Do Not Call List or Not By: James H. Dimmitt American consumers have spoken and have done so loudly registering 50 million telephone numbers with the FTC's National Do-Not-Call list since the registry debuted in July.
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Do Not Call Registry is Just the 1st Step : Do Not Call Registry is Just the 1st Step By: James H. Dimmitt The Federal Trade Commission launched it's much anticipated " Do Not Call Registry " on June 27th, several days earlier than the announced July 1 debut.
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Schedule telemarketing time for more success : Schedule telemarketing time for more success By: Stan Rosenzweig Telephone canvassing, or cold calling, is the practice of sitting down with a long list of potential prospects you've never met and telephoning them, one at a time, to learn which of them needs what you sell and then arranging to sell it to them. Believe me, nobody likes telephone cold calling.
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Understanding the Different Methods of Offline Promotion : Understanding the Different Methods of Offline Promotion By: Stone Evans No business can survive the long run without some form of consistent advertising. As a result, most business owners will eventually consider using advertising to promote their business.
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How to handle a Telemarketer : It's like clockwork. You sit down to dinner and the phonerings.
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Where Do I Get My Email Lists ? : "Where do I get my email lists?" A popular cryfrom nearly all of our customers. You havedecided embark on an email campaign, but you need targeted addresses to contact.
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The Great Direct Marketing Conundrum : Many a home business owner has spent sleepless nights thinking of ways to turn his venture into a higher profit-making unit and build it to be his primary source of income. This is never easy for a home business because most start-ups face initial lack of money and cash flows.
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Is Telemarketing Still Viable for Small Businesses : The telephone is the lifeline for many small businesses and that includes telemarketing. Yet with the advent of the National No Call Registry and fines up to $11,000 many small businesses are faced with the dilemna to telemarket or not.
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Gow to avoid being ripped off by online companies : This month newsletter is in fact special as I want to share VERY SELDOM EXPLAINED FACTS AND A TOPIC that deeply concerns me and, I'm sure, you as well. Over the past couple of years, I have spoken with many of you and I have found out that too many have suffered financial losses from companies that do not provide the services they charged they for.
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Telemarketing Skills : If you are looking for ways to build your business offline and you expect to make telephone calls to many people, telemarketing (tm) skills can improve your chances of success. The same holds true when you're working online.
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SuperScript not SanScript : There are many excellent resources available which provide templates for scripts, and below I include one which has been very successful in my businesses. The trend right now appears to be very lengthy, wordy script that include EVERY psychological marketing element known to mankind.
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Does your sales letter display confidence ? : I mean, does the reader really believe that youhave confidence behind your product? Do youconfidently show them that you know your subject,and through your selection of words and phrases,are you displaying confidence that this product isthe one that will solve their problem?Confidence makes us buy, because we begin to seethat the person knows their subject. The lack ofconfidence in a sales letter shows us they don'tfeel comfortable with what they're saying.
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How to Avoid Telemarketing Scams : How to Avoid Telemarketing ScamsOffers of amazing investments and too-good-to-be-true offers are warning signs of telephone fraud. According to the Federal Trade Commission, telemarketing fraud now costs Americans at least $40 billion a year.
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News & Events- Case Studies- DialResults : Customer Reports 500% Productivity Increase with Solution from DialResults and Alliance Systems DialResults provides predictive dialing software solutions to telemarketing companies. One such company, Lymcore, is an outbound service bureau for credit card companies.
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A Privacy Treatise : A Privacy TreatiseThe message is out - consumers have clear and growing expectations when it comes to the privacy they expect and ultimately demand for their personal contact information. Telecommunications organizations that ignore this need for privacy do so at their own peril.
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