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Email Deliverability Tips : Email Deliverability Tips By: Tom Kulzer Ensuring requested opt-in email is delivered to subscriber inboxes is an increasingly difficult battle in the age of spam filtering. Open and click thru response rates can be dramatically affected by as much as 20-30% due to incorrect spam filter classification.
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Email - Is it Still a Promotional Tool ? : Email, don't you just love it?What a tool: you can contact anybody in the world without spending a dime on postage, paper or ink!All the above are the reasons email is such a formidabletool to promote your business, stay in touch with yourcustomers, send out special offers to your lists and acquire new business. Of course, if you listen to the naysayers, they willtell you email's days are numbered and that you hadbetter start preparing to use some other form ofcontact to reach your customers! With all the newsabout phishing and other forms of email fraud, it wouldtend to give credence to that opinion.
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Not Knowing This Explosive Email Secret Can Kill Your Mailing List : Not Knowing This Explosive Email Secret Can Kill Your Mailing List By: Reginald Turner How are you doing today? I hope you are having a very prosperous day. If you own an ezine or mailing list, you know how important it is to get subscribers, especially if you want to tell them about your products and services, or you just want to inform people in your mailing list about information that could help them.
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