How To Make Your Visitors Stay

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I bet you agree that visiting a colorful web site might
be a wonderful or painful experience, depending how long
we have to wait to see all that beauty...

Not many people know that slowly loading pages is the main
reason visitors leave web sites right upon arrival. So, keep
your own web pages lean in graphics and fast in loading --
you cannot persuade anyone to anything if they don't stay
to read your message!

But a few graphics, or no graphics at all, does not mean
dull and colorless pages. You can add color and plenty of
impact without adding a loading time.

Take a look at this example -- a page packed with colors,
yet it loads up in only 3 seconds on a slow 28.8 K modem:

If you don't design pages yourself, make sure you closely
WATCH your web developer -- professional graphic designers
are notorious for producing bloated sites (which in turn
fail to produce sales). Ask him (or her) to optimize every
image to keep the loading time of your key pages below 20
seconds, even on those slower modems. Yahoo loads up in
6 second -- believe it or not, that's your competition!

The bottom line? Keep in mind that only when your visitors
stay, your sales can grow!

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Donna Woods 28.09.2011. 21:56

How long can a visitor stay at my apt. in colorado before management can get involved? How long can a visitor stay legally in my apartment in Denver, Colorado before the manager can kick them out

Donna Woods

Admin 28.09.2011. 21:56

This should be stated in your lease. Most leases state no guests more than 5 days a month or 14 days a year. The problem is that when a guest stays more than a couple days they start looking like an unauthorized tenant and is a violation of your lease.


Monica M 17.05.2011. 07:29

How long can a visitor stay at my apartment per month/year in Texas before management gets involved? My roommate has her boyfriend over every night and he has a key to the place. I've tried talking to her about it but she doesn't listen. On my lease it says that a visitor can't stay 3 consecutive nights. I was wondering if there was a law that limited the amount a visitor could stay per year or month in Texas?

Monica M

Admin 17.05.2011. 07:29

He lives there if he stays 14 days in a year.


bmoose 07.06.2012. 08:40

What does a lease state about visitors in the house? I'm just wondering what is stated in the lease for a house about the adult child resident having visitors stay for a long period of time .. from a few days to maybe a couple of weeks - but never moving in, just visiting. Also what can you tell me about a "squatter"?


Admin 07.06.2012. 08:40

Every lease is different. For the most part, an average lease will dictate that a 'guest' is any non-paying person not on the lease that is visiting and staying in the unit for no more than a 10-14 day period. Usually, the landlord is notified in advance of a guest with the arrival and departure dates given in the notice to the landlord.

A squatter is defined as: to settle on or occupy property, especially otherwise unoccupied property, without any title, right, or payment of rent. Good luck.


Joe S 21.04.2008. 20:57

If I join the air force can I have visitors at my home? I know that I have to apply for housing but say if i were to get a home on base in the airforce, would i be able to have visitors stay with me for a week or a weekend or whatever ? Also can i have a dog in a base if i were to get a home on base? Does anyone know where the nicest Airforce base is?

Joe S

Admin 21.04.2008. 20:57

Yes, visitors are allowed in military housing. Some allow overnight, and some longer. Usually they will tell you no more than a week. Pets are also allowed, but keep in mind that if you pet causes any damage to the unit you will be responsible for fixing/paying for the damages.

As far as the nices bases, during my tenure I have had the pleasure of spending 14 years on Army posts. The first 2 AFB's I was stationed at are now closed, and the one I am at now is pretty nice (Peterson AFB, CO). At least it is in a nice part of the country.

Other nice bases:

Elmendorf AFB, Alaska

Heard Tyndall and MacDill in Florida were nice, and I even had someone tell me Minot was great (haven't had anyone else say that since), and they were being sincere when they told me.


M&I C 27.05.2009. 18:19

How long does a visitor have to wait before returning to the UK for another 6 months? My mother in law left the UK in February this year after spending 6 months here on a visitor visa. In that time I separated from my wife and I have just learnt that the mother in law has since returned to the country to look after my son.

How long must a visitor stay out of the UK before they return to stay another 6 months?

I cannot foresee her entering the UK under a working visa as she has no formal education.


Admin 27.05.2009. 18:19

There is a loop hole in the UK immigration law that a lot of people are not aware of. If a person has a blood relative who is a citizen or is present and settled in the UK, then they can not refuse entry. If they do, they go ahead and let you into the country with instructions on how to appeal the decision. So technically she can come as often as she wants because she has a daughter and grandson living in the UK.


clueless 09.07.2011. 05:53

What are the visitors policy for Salem State University and Keene State College? i know in some colleges students are allowed to have visitors stay over and sleep at their dorms for a couple night. does anyone know about the policies for these two schools? thank you


Admin 09.07.2011. 05:53

Sorry, I could not locate the policy through my search engines. Please contact the school directly./


taerfuvi_87 08.10.2012. 15:04

Can i come back as a visitor after my student visa expires? I am currently at the UK, i just finished my masters. Although my student visa expires in November, i would like to stay for Christmas with my friends. I have family in Spain, so I thought about leaving the country when my visa expires and then come back a few days later to re enter as a visitor, stay for the Holidays and then leave. Is that possible?


Admin 08.10.2012. 15:04

You should have stated your nationality!

However based on your question one year ago about the parcel from Mexico to the UK it can be presumed that you hold a Mexican passport.

You do not need a general visitors visa as Mexican passport holder. Mexico is on the list of non-visa nationals. Just make sure that you can convince the UK immigration officer about your plans to leave the country. Best way will be to already hold a flight ticket booking confirmation for a flight to Mexico when you try to re-enter the UK after having visited your relatives in Spain.

Source(s): ..


Ann 20.11.2012. 18:59

How much can someone do using the standard guest account on my laptop? I am having visitors stay at my house for a few days. Long story short, one of them thinks they are a computer expert but actually ruins computers. Every other visit that person has brought their own laptop to use my wireless internet but (surprise! surprise!) their laptop is not working. I don't mind them using my laptop to use the internet but I don't want them doing any kind of maintenance or anything to try to "fix" my computer or "make it run better".

I have windows 7. I created a guest account and passworded my own account. Will that stop them from ruining my computer or do I need to do something additional?


Admin 20.11.2012. 18:59

You're okay, a guest account can't alter anything on your computer.


Sunny Deol 26.01.2012. 10:03

Which is the best place for visitors to stay in Dubai? I've heard that cost of living is very high in the UAE. If that is so, which are the affordable hotels/places where visitors can stay for a week or two? And what is the per day charge for stay?

Sunny Deol

Admin 26.01.2012. 10:03

You may find good rates and hotels' features in


Dances With Mops 2 - Mop Bucket Boogaloo 31.05.2013. 19:40

In Los Angeles, which street is considered the dividing line between the east and west sides? I frequently see people recommending that visitors stay on the west side of the city, so I'm curious as to where it begins.

Dances With Mops 2 - Mop Bucket Boogaloo

Admin 31.05.2013. 19:40

La Brea Avenue


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