How To Make Your Visitors Stay

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I bet you agree that visiting a colorful web site might
be a wonderful or painful experience, depending how long
we have to wait to see all that beauty...

Not many people know that slowly loading pages is the main
reason visitors leave web sites right upon arrival. So, keep
your own web pages lean in graphics and fast in loading --
you cannot persuade anyone to anything if they don't stay
to read your message!

But a few graphics, or no graphics at all, does not mean
dull and colorless pages. You can add color and plenty of
impact without adding a loading time.

Take a look at this example -- a page packed with colors,
yet it loads up in only 3 seconds on a slow 28.8 K modem:

If you don't design pages yourself, make sure you closely
WATCH your web developer -- professional graphic designers
are notorious for producing bloated sites (which in turn
fail to produce sales). Ask him (or her) to optimize every
image to keep the loading time of your key pages below 20
seconds, even on those slower modems. Yahoo loads up in
6 second -- believe it or not, that's your competition!

The bottom line? Keep in mind that only when your visitors
stay, your sales can grow!

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