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The future of customer service is here. Technology has made
seeking out support faster and easier than ever. But, has
your digital age company sacrificed true service in the name
of automation?

Today, finding customer support is as simple as writing an
e-mail or picking up the phone. But, even though you're not
face-to-face with your customers, you still leave a lasting
impression. Do you come across as caring and competent, or
menacing and mechanical?

Offering stand-out service on the Internet isn't as hard as
it is rare. Take these simple steps towards old-style
service in the digital age:

* Give Each Customer a Personal Response
* Be Clear, But Sincere
* Offer Live Customer Support
* Make Sure Your Support Reps Have All the Answers


When a customer sits down to e-mail your company, it's
because he needs help. He chooses e-mail because it's quick,
but his request still warrants a satisfying and personal

Companies eager to save time and money often take automation
too far in their customer support. Each customer has a
unique question, and deserves a unique answer. Even if you
save time by copying and pasting stock replies, change the
opening and closing to make the message sound less robotic.


When responding to customers' e-mail, be sincere and to the
point. Before sending a message, try turning the tables.
Ask yourself, "Would this answer satisfy *me* if I were the

Take that extra moment to give your customer the help he
deserves. It might mean the difference between a satisfied
customer and a credit card chargeback!


E-mail has become an acceptable form of communication. But,
live customer support is still necessary. The plethora of
information available online can be overwhelming to
customers, especially those new to the Internet!

Single your company out from the crowd by providing customers
with a real person to talk to. Live phone support is an
invaluable way to foster trust. When your customer has
reached the end of his Internet rope, and just needs *help*,
your toll free number is the answer he's looking for.


The presence of phone support will do no good if your staff
doesn't know your product! Customer support reps should be
warm and friendly, and willing to help with any aspect of
your product.

What a good feeling it is to talk to someone who feels
confident in his product. It's even better if he's
knowledgeable enough to solve your problem without
transferring you all around the company!


Too many e-businesses skimp on customer service, hiding
behind web sites and message boards. Customer support is an
integral part of every company, even those operating solely
online. Be one of the few to offer stellar service, and gain
customers for life!

About the Author

Customer Service is becoming a lost art, but Sean Cohen wants
to make sure that never happens at AWeber Communications!
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I Ride K2 13.11.2010. 19:05

What would be the way to ship something to Russia? What shipping service would be the best to use.

How would I put in the address and any thing else i would need?

I Ride K2

Admin 13.11.2010. 19:05

Best way is to send parcel via USPS Priority or Express Mail international so for laptops it is more reliable way.
You have to write correct address (for example

zip code: 128001
City: Moscow
Street: ul. Kirova d. 4 korp. 2 kv. 34)

then send it (you have to fulfill custom form) and you receive there tracking number.
Just enter this number on USPS page http://www.usps.com/shipping/trackandconfirm.htm
and you find it on the way to the customer in Russia.


savethewhale 28.02.2008. 14:49

How do you write a cv if you have no work history? I married young,started a family,my husband owned his own business.I'm now 34 and want to start working.I have only ever worked for my parents in law and that was a few years back.How on Earth do I write a CV with no work history?


Admin 28.02.2008. 14:49

good on you for looking for work!
you working for your in laws and helping at your children school count as work history/ skills,
eg; answered phones, collated customers orders, Etc...
make a list
also mention the skills that you did voluntary or on commitees
and that are relevant to the job you want,when listing your skills put it under as

Work Skills

* answering phones
* customer service
* Computer skills
* typing minutes
* ETC......................
make a list of all the things you have done, assisted, helped with
Eg;if going for a teachers assistant position so you would mention the skills like cooking, cleaning, relating to children, organising play ideas!
you can also go on-line to finding resumes templates and editing the skills you have for particular jobs, also if in australia pop into your local job find centres where they will assist you in writing up your resume free,
never lie in your resume, as you will be caught!
Good Luck!


Tammy 18.05.2007. 19:21

Illegal immigrants should stay as a Contribution to our Country? If we decide to go along and make the 5-20 million illegals citizens so that they obtain an identity and social security number which would make them and their income taxable not including the fine that we are going to impose on them of $5,000 dollars for a fine for illegally comming into our country, then that money could go towards our military so that our men can obtain the means to put an end to this war, and help us further to secure our boarders. Once boarders are secured, set up checkpoints where people can gain admission to our country for $5,000.00. Once they are fingerprinted and have a social security number, they can work legally and be a contrubution to our country. Wal-Mart for example, started off a great orgainization to work for. People were working full-time, providing for their families and they were happy. Now their are very few full-time positions, and moral is low there, they have fewer workers which results in poor customer service. Happiness is feeling secure.


Admin 18.05.2007. 19:21

Illegal, or unlawful, is used to describe something that is prohibited or not authorized by law or, more generally, by rules specific to a particular situation (such as a game).

Illegal immigration refers to immigration across national borders in a way that violates the immigration laws of the destination country.

If you think our laws are too tuff on the illegal alien take a look at Mexicos immigration laws and I think you will agree we aren?t being tuff enough.

Here?s an overview of Mexico?s immigration laws:
Mexico has a single, streamlined law, seeking to ensure that foreign visitors and immigrants are:

_ In the country legally.
_ Have the means to sustain themselves economically.
_ Not destined to be burdens on society.
_ Of economic and social benefit to society.
_ Of good character, with no criminal record.

The law also seeks to ensure that:

_ Immigration authorities have a record of each foreign visitor.
_ Foreign visitors do not violate their visa status.
_ Foreign visitors are banned from interfering in the country's internal politics.
_ Foreign visitors who enter under false pretenses are imprisoned or deported.
_ Foreign visitors violating terms of their entry are imprisoned or deported.
_ Anyone who aids in illegal immigration is imprisoned.

Who could disagree with such a law?

The Mexican constitution strictly defines the rights of citizens, and the denial of many rights to non-citizens. The General Law on Population, spelling out the country's immigration policy, should cause Americans to ask: Why is our southern neighbor pushing us to water down our immigration laws and policies when its own immigration restrictions are the toughest on the continent? If a felony is a crime punishable by more than a year in prison, Mexican law makes it a felony to be an illegal alien in Mexico. Yet if the United States adopted such a law, Mexico would no doubt denounce it as a manifestation of American bigotry.

Mexico's main immigration law welcomes only foreigners deemed useful to Mexican society:

_ Foreigners are admitted into Mexico "according to their possibilities of contributing to national progress." (Article 32)
_ Immigration officials must "ensure (that) immigrants will be useful elements for the country and that they have the necessary funds for their sustenance" and that of their dependents. (Article 34)
_ Foreigners may be barred from the country if their presence has upset "the equilibrium of the national demographics," if they are deemed detrimental to "economic or national interests," if they are not good citizens in their own country, if they have broken Mexican laws, or if "they are not found to be physically or mentally healthy." (Article 37)
_ The secretary of governance may "suspend or prohibit the admission of foreigners when he determines it to be in the national interest." (Article 38)

Mexican authorities keep track of every person in the country:

_ Federal, local and municipal police must cooperate with federal immigration authorities upon request: i.e., help in the arrest of illegal immigrants. (Article 73)
_ A National Population Registry tracks every "individual who comprises (sic) the population of the country," verifying each individual's identity. (Articles 85 and 86)
_ A national Catalogue of Foreigners tracks foreign tourists and immigrants (Article 87), assigning each a tracking number. (Article 91)
Foreigners with fake papers or who enter the country under false pretenses may be imprisoned:
_ Foreigners with fake immigration papers may be fined or imprisoned.
(Article 116)
_ Foreigners who sign government documents "with a signature that is false or different from that which he normally uses" are subject to fine and imprisonment. (Article 116)
Foreigners who fail to obey the rules will be fined, deported, and/or imprisoned as felons:
_ Foreigners who fail to obey a deportation order are to be punished. (Article 117)
_ Deported foreigners who try to re-enter Mexico without authorization can be imprisoned for up to 10 years. (Article 118)
_ Foreigners who violate terms of their visa may be sentenced for up to six years in prison. (Articles 119, 120, and 121) Foreigners who misrepresent the terms of their visa (as by working without a permit) can also be imprisoned.

Under Mexican law, illegal immigration is a felony. The General Law on Population says:

_ "A penalty of up to two years in prison and a fine of 300 to 5,000 pesos will be imposed on the foreigner who enters the country illegally." (Article 123)
_ Foreigners with immigration problems may be deported, rather than imprisoned. (Article 125)
_ Foreigners who "(make attempts) against national sovereignty or security" will be deported. (Article 126)

Mexicans who help illegal aliens enter the country are considered criminals:

_ A Mexican who marries a foreigner with the sole objective of helping the foreigner live in the country is subject to up to five years in prison. (Article 127)
_ Shipping and airline companies that bring undocumented foreigners into Mexico will be fined. (Article 132)

In this modern world and its socio-economic climate it can be hard to understand what all the to do is about with the immigration bill and the back lash with some of the public while the rest says live and let live. It is also hard to see how some illegal aliens can harm you our interfere with your livelihood, after all they are just doing jobs no one else wants to do, besides the money they make just goes back into the economy. Here is you who are reading this and think that?s wake up call. Your taxes go to pay for their kids to go to school with yours, and for them to get food stamps and other government aid. Your medical costs go up because they don?t pay for the services they receive. Your auto insurance goes up because they drive illegally with no insurance. Your taxes pay for them in prisons or to be deported. And that money you think just goes back into our economy; goes back to their families in MEXICO. So in no way, shape, or form are they good for the US. They are a parasite costing us the US taxpayer Billions per-year. Here is the rub; they don?t even have to live in the US to receive government assistance. No every year thousands of women from Mexico sneak across the border and have their babies in the US, and do to a legal loophole the baby is now a US citizen and thereby entitled to all government assistance, while living in Mexico.

Some would say that the illegal aliens are just trying to get a better life. That is fine but they can do it legally. It is not there right to come into this country illegally and get a job. It does not matter if the job is one that no one wants to do. They are not here legally there by they have no rights as an American because they are not an American. They have no Social Security card unless it was through identity theft, (another crime) so they can?t get a legal job; also they can?t get drivers licenses legally without a S/S card; so they drive cars in this country without licenses or insurance; yet more crimes. There is four crimes to be here and work. Lest we come to the fifth crime without a S/S card you do not pay taxes, I have to pay taxes, don?t you.

The social and fiscal costs of illegal immigration are of urgent concern to most citizens. Our public school districts spend tens of millions of dollars educating children who can't speak English, and our public hospitals are going broke providing care to people who prefer to exist within a gray economy. State and local officials, meanwhile, do nothing to stop non-citizens from running up the tab. In some cases, they encourage it.


eiwo2so 19.06.2007. 03:03

when you sell on ebay, how do you send the product to the customer? to tell you the truth, this is my first time as a seller on ebay. now if i put a product on sale, and a customer made the payment so to get the product from me. what are the steps so i can send him a product? will ebay provide me with the customer adress of which to send the product into?


Admin 19.06.2007. 03:03

Yes. They provide shipping information (name, address, etc.) calculate totals, etc. Ebay will even calculate the cost of various shipping options in advance if you want them to. I've found U.S. Postal Service to be cheapest by far and best. I've shipped literally thousands of packages all over the world over the past 34 years and they've only lost 2 packages, both international shipments.


Aaron 22.05.2011. 04:53

What's the best pickup truck on the market today and why? The Ford F-150 is said to be the best one on the market. Who agrees and who disagrees and why?


Admin 22.05.2011. 04:53


The F-150 has been recognized as America?s best-selling truck for 34 years running. An F-150 is more than capable for off-roading and ideal for everyday driving. Year after year, Ford puts practical new features on the road before anybody else. With 4 new engines to choose from, the 2011 F-150 has the perfect truck model for every driver. I would suggest the EcoBoost Engine, a twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter V-6 that puts out 365 horses and 420 pound-feet. The EcoBoost features a diesel-like 2500-rpm torque peak (2000 rpm less than the 6.2-liter) and, like the 6.2-liter, can tow an impressive 11,300 pounds, when properly equipped. Oh, and it runs on regular unleaded, making this a great daily use vehicle. The EcoBoost also features direct injection and twin-independent variable cam timing (Ti-VCT).

If you are interested in a new truck, check out http://www.Ford.com/Trucks/F150, for more information on the available engines. You may also contact the Marketing Program Headquarters for information on current incentives at 800-334-4375.

Ford Customer Service Division


Blue 30.05.2007. 15:46

How much would I need to invest in order to get a screen printing machine and all neccessary materials? I am considering opening a screen printing business, currently I do embroidery. I am curios what it sould cost me to get 'up and running?' I am looking for a middle of the road machine (i understand this number will vary with machines) and just curious how much I need to get saved up to get going with this. Also, I am more of a business man than an artistic type, do I need a lot of artistic skills to do this successfully? Thanks for the advice!!


Admin 30.05.2007. 15:46

1 you need frames $20 -$400
2 you need mesh (the screen) $15 -$30 LY - 33 yd on most bolts
3 you need to stretch the screen over the frame this process takes time as you need to let the screen stretch then re tension. depends on the system you find.
4 attach the screen to the frame $60./gal for adhesive
5 degrease the screen
6 wash -powerwasher $60 -$3,000
7 let dry - fan $20
8 apply emulsion $50 - $70/gal
9 let dry
10 apply your negative or positive $100 - $150,000
11 shoot the screen also called exposing or burning. $200-$30,000
12 wash the uncured emulsion from the screen - low pressure garden hose $10
13 let dry - compressed air or vacuum with very special attachment $100 - $450
14 pin hole the screen also called blocking
15 tape off the screen - this is not necessary but will aid greatly in the clean up process $.25 - $15.00 per screen
16 put the screen in a press or whatever you are using to fixture the screen
17 if you are using an automated press put the flood bar in and the squeegee in, if not get the squeegee ready -depends on the style you choose
18 get the material- cost of shirts
19 place material on platen - labor costs
20 locate the art on the material
21 locate the screen to the art
I am using the term art as the positive or negative.
22 set stops or adjust platen
23 add ink $60-$600 per gal
24 flood screen - drag a coat of ink across the mesh
25 print - apply downward force while removing the ink you just flooded across the screen
26 dry product -curing oven $300-$20,000
27 remove ink $30 - $90 per gal
28 clean flood bar and or squeegee
29 clean ink out of screen- paper towels=hazardous waste cloth towel = laundry service
30 wash screen out with screen wash
31 wash screen out with haze/emulsion/ghost remover
32 inspect screen and repeat if necessary
33 dry screen
34 clean up your area
35 go out and sell another job so you can do it again

buy the frame with the mesh already in it
block out
pressure washer
some type of vaccum burning unit with light sorce
some type of set up or press
if printing flat material you need a vaccum table
if textiles the platens and spray adhesive
drying method for your purpose
screen wash
emulsion remover
ghost remover
EPA permit
business license and whatever your area requires.
customers are good too

Prices are in general for used to middle end new. Chemical costs are greatly changed by your sales rep.

If you find the right deal sometimes you buy someone out and get thier equipment for around $5,000 - $15,000 depending on the equipment and customer base.
Good luck


Autumn Leaves 12.06.2009. 20:06

What Does This Message From Tracfone Mean? Every time I try to make a call the call doesn't go through and I get "check call restrictions -34". What does this mean? Don't tell me to contact Tracfone, I've done that, they are absolutely useless.

Autumn Leaves

Admin 12.06.2009. 20:06

I don't know because I don't use that crappy cellphone service. I've known people that did though and they were always getting into arguments with those customer service reps for being idiots!

I'm guessing but it could be either the area you're trying to call is not covered by this company or someone (parents) have put up parental restrictions on your number.


Tammy P 17.05.2007. 14:44

Can I get grants for school in this situation? I am a single mother - my son and I live with my parents. When I filled out my FAFSA I was told that my parents will have to submit their tax information in order for FAFSA to figure if they'll give me any aid. I'm 34 years old and don't think that just because I live in a house owned by my parents that I should be penalized. The response I got from the FAFSA customer service is that if I live in any dwelling owned by my parents than I am "dependant" on them. However this only applies until I am 35 years old. Has anyone else been in a similar predicament? I don't want to wait another year to go back to school.

Tammy P

Admin 17.05.2007. 14:44

You do not have to be 35. You have to be 25, OR a parent that supports their child. I know this because I went through the same problem and when I had my daughter I was 22. I still lived at home, but they no longer considered me a dependent. By federal guidelines, if you have a minor child to support, and that child gets their support from you, you are considered independent of any other person. You do not have to include your parents income...that's a bunch of hooey. Fill out the papers with you as the head of household and your child as the other member, and leave out your parents for the purpose of defining your household. The federal government has guidelines regarding who is independent, and it all depends on who gives you money and food.

For example, if you go to apply for a social program like foodstamps, they will not consider your parents as supporting you if your parents do not pay your bills, give you money, or share the preparation of meals. You do not have to report these actions unless they are depositing money in your bank account or are giving you concrete support that these agencies can trace. Just because you live there does not mean you are dependent. If anything, you can put down that you pay a certain amount of rent. Those finanicial aid forms do not ask for rent receipts and if you are questioned you can say that you pay that amount by working it off in yardwork or other household maintenance that is needed.

I know that sounds complicated and you should be free of having to explain your situation as an adult. However absurd it is, they have those rules so that people who have resources don't take advantage of the system. I'm pretty sure the rules were not written for single moms who are trying to go back to school to better their lives. Best of luck to you!! :)


nerdgrl9 01.02.2007. 19:38

How can someone realistically save the 5% needed for a downpayment on a home when they are paying a high rent? Realistically, it seems impossible to me to pay over 1300$ a month, plus water and taxes and all the usual bills that go with renting a home...and then we expected to save money on top of that to use as a downpayment for our first home. Are there any programs out there for people with past credit issues..etc?
The way things are going it will take forever...and we will continue to pay someone else's bills...
We are in Canada...thanks!


Admin 01.02.2007. 19:38

You mentioned Past Credit Issues - How long have you been paying timely? Are the issues taken care of now? Past means past, as long as you have re-established your credit, and your middle score is 600-620 (used to be 580, but lenders are tightening up BIG time, with forclosures, etc) Than you could get a 100 percent 1 loan or a 80/20 (depends on rates, based on yoru credit scores. the 80/20 is a blended rate vs the 1 loan at 100 percent).

For Canada try this web site out: Or put in key words like
"Canada First time home buyer" Canada Morgage Financing
Something to that effect.


BUT becareful having eveyone pull your credit (ok)

Talk with a broker, a broker underwrites for many company's (I underwrite for 150 companies) so I only have to pull credit 1 time, and they look at my credit. A single lender (not a broker) has programs available, but they may not be able to help you and your situation, so you go elsewhere, and than that person pulls your credit (see what I mean.) FHA/VA approved too. If you shop, your credit is pulled and that is considered a soft pull, for a 30 day period. Just like shopping for a auto, it is good for 30 days. If you apply for a credit card, that is considered a "hard" pull and it drags down your credit score. When looking for a home &/or refinancing, please do not apply for a credit card, Department Charge Card, Gasoline Card or make any major purchases, like a auto, etc. This will pull your credit down.

Other things to consider - Decide on HOW much you want to spend on a Mortgage. Take your income, and divide by 45 percent (50 percent if going sub-prime. FHA is 43 percent for your total Debit to Income Ratio (DTI).

Anything that is on your crredit that you are paying on is included into your DTI, along with your mortgage payment, Home Owners Insurance and Property taxes. (HO and Property taes based on a monthly percent, take the year premium and divide by 12)

For Instance:
When you Decide to buy, decide on how much you want to spend, if you want to escrow the taxes and insurance. Say the taxes are 1200 a YR and insurance 800 a year (just an estimate, ok) That is 2,000 a year divided by 12 = 166.66 If you paid 1,000 a month now - (166.66) your P/I Principle and Interest would be 833.34. Now you decided on the price range you are looking into. If you have great credit, a 1 loan at 130,000 at a rate of 7 percent over a 30 year time would be 864.89 - This is just a estimate - ok - Just depends on your credit. You could get a lower interest rate or it could be higher - it is all based on credit. It is up the Lender what they offer you.

It greatly depends if you need help with closing cost, (The seller could do Seller Help toward your closing cost). If that is the case, I normally tell my clients NOT to hackle over the price, since you are asking for closing cost help - especially if the home is thru a realtor, and the seller has to pay the realtor their fee which runs from 3-6 percent of the selling price, and you ask for 3-5 percent toward closing cost -assistance) Follow me so far?? You may find a For Sale By Owner, they are sometimes more willing to help you with closing cost(s) associated with your loan, since there is no realtor fees.

The Loan Process can be fun - at least I love being a Broker, getting to help my clients is rewarding to me. Find a Broker who cares and will go over the full loan process with you and be in contact with you daily. The one on one customer service is important, to you, the client, to let you know the whole loan process.


griftie 15.09.2008. 18:05

I want to upgrade from dial up to BT Broadband with home hub. Do I need another phone line put in? Will I need two lines? One for the normal 'phone and one for the broadband connection. Or does the 'Home Hub' do all this? Please help 'cos I'm a real thicko when it comes to this technical stuff!


Admin 15.09.2008. 18:05

1 phone line will do. I would say that the customer service/billing etc departments which are all based in India are apalling so dont do it.

if you really want to go with BT (gawd knows why) then dont use the disc to "install the internet" it installs loads of crappy software you dont need.

All you need to do is plug in the hub, type in (the hub's address and set it up from there. How to set up the connection in more detail-

All you need to know is that your router (hub) address is (default gateway)
tell windows to obtain IP and DNS settings automatically.
If you want to type in the DNS settings they are

If youre not sure then get someone to set it up but DONT install using the disc!


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