e-Book on Russian Women (Part 4)

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e-Book on Russian Women (Part 4)

By: Annas Agency®

Russian Women in the Home

It has traditionally been the role of RW to carry out duties in the home. And herein may lie a potential problem for the expectation between the RW and western husband may differ. Foreign men may read all the different marriage sites, which proclaim a RW will make a wonderful wife and stay at home all day cleaning and cooking.

However we always advise a client to keep in mind why a RW is leaving Russia. She just wants to live a normal life. For some women this may mean staying at home and being the perfect housewife while her husband works. Other leave Russia because they want opportunities to work and do more than being a housewife. Men need to consider this men they marry a RW. All the documents you read will never tell you what to expect. You need to spend much time talking to your prospective partner and planning for your life ahead.

Another thing to consider is that there is now a growing group of women who never even have thoughts of being an housewife. They are not looking for a normal life. They are looking for a better life.

It is an ancient custom for a woman to run the house: cleaning, cooking, looking after the children, washing and mending the linen, making preserves. As a matter of fact, the ideas of the wife's duties have been adjusted in the long run but haven't essentially changed.

In Russia the responsibility for maintaining order in a home (daily and overall cleaning) lies upon the woman. Russian women are naturally very clean, therefore their home, either a town apartment or a country cottage, is shining as a rule. There are several ways to attain the goal.

In high-income families the work is done by a daily help or people from special agencies hired by the hostess on purpose. The hostess is to control their work.

Most Russian families cannot afford a hired cleaner, so the task is carried out by the feminine part of the family: grandmother, mother and grown-up children. In united, loving families men can also participate actively in maintaining order.

Modern city-dwellers very often do not distinguish between wife's and husband's house duties: they prefer to carry them out together, or a spouse having spare time and a desire to do it at the moment, dies the work. In the country they stick to the traditional division of labor. The living conditions can easily account for the fact. In the country men retain the duties connected with hard physical work in running the family farm and garden. That's why women shoulder all concerns for the home.

Clean linen and clothes are the second concern of Russian women. Neatly dressed children and husband wearing a clean well ironed shirt add to her reputation of a good wife.

Kitchen. It has always been the working place of the Russian woman in the house. Deprived of electric kitchen appliances aid, the Russian woman is engaged in a non-stop cycle of cutting, boiling and frying something. One of the characteristic features of the Russian cuisine is a great number of ingredients, and it's very time and effort consuming. Russian women treat with distrust the semi-finished products and prefer to do everything with their own hands. In summer and autumn the usual continuing cycle of cooking breakfast, dinner and supper is accompanied by making preserves for winter: juices, jams, pickles, salads.

Children. Theoretically, a three-year long leave to look after a new-born can be granted on either a father or a mother, but in reality fathers exercise this right only in exceptional cases. That means that looking after the children is exclusively mother's duty.

Dacha (garden plot). In the 1990s dachas turned from a place for rest into a major means of surviving - people then were more like farmers than amateur gardeners. A dacha is a place to grow vegetables, fruit, berries, to breed poultry, cows, pigs. Under economic crisis and unemployment conditions, in circumstances when wages are not at paid or detained, when food prices grow steadily up, a dacha provides food thus avoiding death. And again the major part of the dacha burden falls to the woman's lot: she tends seedlings in spring, she plants, weeds waters, gathers the harvest, makes preserves in summer and in autumn. Of course there are fanatics for whom working in the garden is a hobby. Most people, however, refrain from having rest on weekends and work themselves into fainting out of ruthless necessity, because the Russian woman doesn't see any other ways to provide her family with fresh vegetables and fruit.

So we won't be mistaken if we claim that the Russian woman doesn't imagine herself apart from her house. Traditionally she runs the house, not considering the task an unbearable burden. Still any Russian woman will dream of having less house work waiting to be done.

Russian Women and Domestic Finance

In Russia up to nowadays the most common family type is the one in which wife is the family Treasurer; husband will give her the money her earns and... this is the limit to his authority over money matters. It is not vital in a Russian family, who cooks, cleans and does the washing and who earns the money. Each tries to meet the requirements of a specific situation. Spouses make roughly equal contribution to the family budget. The attitudes of modern Russian women towards money vary. Some follow the principle 'don't put off till tomorrow what you can spend today', others plan, how much and for what purpose to spend in minute details. The disconcerting Russian life makes the woman plan thoroughly the family budget: the wages day used to be fixed and this allowed it to plan 'from the one wage to the next one', so to say; nowadays nobody feels confident about the day to come, and Russian women have learnt to save for a rainy day.

And still is there a woman who hasn't ever been tempted to buy a thing that caught her eye and spent more than a half of the family budget? Russian women are also subject to such 'fits'. Though lately Russian women lose their head and spend money yielding to an occasional temptation considerably less often.

If the financial well-being of the Russian woman improves, she doesn't turn into a spendthrift. She will enjoy the feeling of confidence that money ensures, and may buy some trifle for herself to prove that she is free to spend. Though practical experience shows that the women having so called 'spare money' turn to be more economical and careful in their spending than their less wealthy female friends. If you marry a decent Russian woman, you won't have to beware the 'sudden' loss of your money She won't do any major purchases without consulting with you first: traditionally Russians discuss such matters at a 'family council'.

In essence wisdom and shrewdness which is so characteristic of the Russian woman allowed her to understand that chronic lack of money results in family crises and destruction of man's social status, but that huge income isn't a universal panacea either; on the contrary, in is accompanied by new troubles.

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John 27.04.2013. 19:40

Are history books telling the hole truth? Does national pride change the way they are written?
A. was the use of the atomic bomb necessary?,
B. What's ENGLAND view on the revolution?
C. was George Washington wrong at any point.,
D. Was the civil war worth it? considering it ended up almost the way the south wanted it
F. .What is Americas excuses for taking native Americas land and are Americans paying for it now are? or were they right to?
G. What makes it right for taxes payers to pay people not to work on holidays like Clumbus day and Martin Luther king day? Don't you think that they should stop? Considering the post office is in trouble?
H. Is Russia the bad guys still and why?
I. Did Hitler have any good ideas but went about it the wrong way to see that they would work?
J. Are there any people we consider to be bad guys that was right at one point or anther? That the bad guys actually did some good?



Admin 27.04.2013. 19:40

A. It probably was, actually. You have to understand Japanese culture at that time. They believed in the hari-kari concept, which means they would fight until the last man, woman, child, deer, cat, dog, was standing. The military officials were virtually running the country at that time, they had already taken China, parts of the Soviet Union, Pacific Ocean islands, they weren't going to stop just because the US wanted them too. The United States gave them plenty of warning, to the people too. Weeks before the bombings US planes dropped leaflets into the cities, warning the people to get out. The United States, in my opinion, was sound in their decision-making.

B. King George was just a corrupt man. British soldiers didn't even want to be in America, that is part of the reason the Boston massacre happened.

C. Regardless if he was "wrong at any time," that is irrelevant. He was our first president on a unanimous vote which means he was obviously well liked. Also, thanks to ole George, he's the reason we do not have a monarchy in the United States, but a democracy. The majority of Americans would have LOVED to make him king. Think about it, a man giving up power...I think just that is enough to glorify him in a way.

D. No, the Civil War was not worth it, but it was also inevitable. If you don't think it is, then consider reading up on it, because it most certainly was. Civil War had broken out in Kansas way before the "first shots" at Fort Sumner had been fired. After the Civil War, Reconstruction got started, however, Lincoln died and Johnson (lousy Republican) was put into office and did not do much to help it. And so it eventually died.

E. That is just an image based off a famous painting, if it was your history teacher that said it, he/she obviously needs to go back to school.

F. There is no excuse other than white man's superiority over minority races. Obviously that was quite common during that era. That's all there is, and nobody tries to hide it, not even text books.

G. This is more of a political statement, not historical.

H. Absolutely not, I love their President Vladimir Putin. Of course, he's not what America would want in a president because he's more authoritarian, but that's Russia culture, they don't mind having that form of government. President Obama doesn't like him because he won't stop building nuclear weapons, because he wants to be the super power--but who doesn't? China is doing the same thing. Putin is unlike all other Russian leaders. He has accepted all history (has not destroyed Lenin statue, restored tsar statues, etc) and encourages the people to do the same, he has boosted their economy when they were in a horrible, horrible depression, he allows for religion (specifically Eastern Orthodoxy and traditional religions--Jewish, baptists, etc.). By no means is he perfect, but he is definitely not the enemy. He warned US of the Boston marathon bomber a couple years ago, and he said he would help us in finding him. Putin loves his people, and he wants the best for them while keeping himself in power (like all leaders).

I. He did, he got Germany out of their depression. But that's about it. He went against many peace treaties, killed over 6 million people, invaded lands he said he wouldn't, etc. Even if he did do a couple things right, all the terrible wrong he did out weighs that.

J. this is unsound, there will always be bad guys doing bad things.

Now the questions you really should be asking are:
1. Was slavery just a black thing? Nope.
2. Was Abraham Lincoln a racist (towards blacks)? Yes.
3. Was the Emancipation Proclamation to free the slaves? Nope, used for military purposes.
4. Where did Hitler get his eugenics (sterilization) ideas from? America, specifically California.
5. Were the Native American's overlooked in 60s Civil Rights movement? Extremely, even though at times they held bigger demonstrations than African Americans.
6. Native American Boarding schools--bad outweighs the good? Probably.
7. What really happened in Vietnam? My Lai massacre, must I say more?
8. Was JFK really that good of a president? Probably not.
9. What really happened in America's Japanese Internment camps during WW2?
10. Did Reagan really end the Cold War? No, Gorbachev really helped out.
11. Was the Cold War really between the United States and Russia/Cuba? China and Russia were probably closer to a nuclear war than the United States and Russia/Cuba were.
12. Was Booth (Lincoln's assassinator) really killed? Look it up, the story is quite fascinating.

Although history books can't cover everything, so if you want to know more about a certain period in history you would have to do your own research.


jhjh 22.07.2007. 17:46

Can somebody revise or correct my sentences? U.A.E the great country.

Had you ever heard abou United Arab Emirates?? Had you ever heard about U.A.E. ?? Today I will make you hear about It which is my country. U.A.E is a small country. It is a country made up of seven emirates' Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al-Quwain, Ras Al-Khaimah, and Fujairah. It was founded on December 2, 1971. This is now celebrated as the annual National Day. There many thing
I want to talk about.

First I want to talk about it's self. It is bordered by Oman to the east and Saudi Arabia to the west and south. Iran is the closest country to it from the north. It has more that 200 islands. The President of it is His Highness Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan. The capital of the UAE is Abu Dhabi. This is where the seat of government is. The UAE is four hours ahead of GMT. The official language of the UAE is Arabic. Other languages spoken are English, Hindi, and Farsi. It is look like a lot of countries in one country. You also will find people here speaking Urdu, Russian, South African and other languages. The official religion of the United Arab Emirates is Islam. You will also see some Churches in some cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The Population of the United Arab Emirates at the end of 2005 was 4.041 million. The weather is very hot all over the year. On the other hand, the UAE is a major player in the global oil industry. The emirate of Abu Dhabi alone accounts for 10 per cent of the world's confirmed oil reserves.

Secound I want to talk about It,s flag. The U.A.E. falg is colored by green ,white,black,and red.
The green is the green land. The white is the white hart. The black is is the black gold which is the oil and gas. Finally, the red which is our blood.

Third I want to talk about it's people clothes. Men wear atraditional garment called "dishdasha"
or "kandura". It's usually made from cotton and it is white.However, it covers the man's body from his neck to his ankles. Most men wear a traditional headdress that is include three pieces. The "ghutra", the "agal", and the "qahfiyya" which is wear under the "ghutra". Women's colthes aer made from silk. The "abbay", ablack cover, is worn on the outside. Over her head, a women may wear a "shaileh". It is like a scarf and it covers her hair.

In conclusion, I think it is one of the most countries that people dream to visit. You can find every thing you want in it. It is have a lot of cultural. I decided to visit it next summer. I hope visit it with you in one plan. I think you will agree with me after you heard all that about it. If you want to know more about this great country, you can borrow this book from the library which name is United Arab Emirates Enchantment of the world and written by Byron Augustin.


Admin 22.07.2007. 17:46

Your sentences are very choppy and the approach is very basic (we will put spelling and grammar issues to one side)

Despite Western influences, men still wear traditional garments, starting with the dishdasha or kandura. This is a white cotton body suit, which covers from neck to ankles.

The headdress [name here] consist of three parts, the ghutra [which does what?], the agal [which signifies what?] and the qahfiyya, which is worn under the ghutra [for what reason?]

If you wish to reach out to people who couldn't find the UAE on a map, you musn't limit what you say. Consider that they know nothing, so this is a chance to really expalin in some detail


TheHogwartsJaguar 17.01.2011. 19:31

HELP! finding dramatic music for my dance piece? My dance is based on the myth/book/film of The Man in the Iron mask and there is going to be three stages to my mask.

1. Where the lead dancer is dancing in the mask trying to escape it, and then someone else is locked into the mask
2. The two masked people dance together (quite nice but still dramatic music)
3. The first masked person escapes the mask

I need some dramatic music I can use in my dance, i'm having so much trouble looking for some, any help please?


Admin 17.01.2011. 19:31

Straight up ?Paula Abdul
Stomp to my beat?DDR
Pacman techno mix
Oscar G & Ralph Falcon - Dark Beat (Murk Monster Mix)
Starting Something?Michael Jackson
Man with a hex?Atomic Fireballs
Hit me up?Gia Farrell
In the mood?Glenn Miller
What I like about you?The Romantics
Walk this way?Aerosmith
Crazy on A Saturday Night?David Hasselhoff
Give me something Real-- David Hasselhoff
It don?t mean a thing?Ella Fitzgerald
Yankee Doodle dandy?James Cagney
Stagger Lee?Bill Haley & the comets
Bottle of wine?Tom Paxton
Rocky Top?Ricky Skaggs
Pink Floyd---
Terminal frost
Interstellar Overdrive
Absolutely Curtains
Obscured by clouds
from the movie Legend
The unicorn theme
The Cottage
The Dance

from the movie Dracula
Love eternal
Love remembered
The storm
Lucy?s party

from the movie Dragonheart
World of your heart
Flight to Avalon

from the movie Ladyhawke
main theme
She was sad at first
Phillippe describes Isabeau

from the movie the Princess Bride
Storybook Love?Willy Deville
The cliffs of insanity
I will never love again
The fireswamp & rodent of unusual size

Alborada (A dawn of many colors album)
Ode to a woman
Mountain Melody

Ceol Mor?(Celtic Passages Album)
Enchanted forest
The mountains at dawn
Sparkling river

Ballet music from Faust: Finale?Gounod
Dance of the cygnets?Swan Lake
Dance of the clowns?A midsummer?s night dream
March of the Toreadors ?Carmen
Rosamunde-Ballet music--Schubert
Concerto Vi?Alessandro Scarlatti
Let love live from Cirque de soliel
Symphony?Sarah Brightman
Fleurs du mal?Sarah Brightman
Star Wars movie soundtracks
Star Trek Movie soundtracks
Avatar movie soundtrack
Stargate soundtrack
Classical music (instrumentals)
Some songs have multiple parts listen& pick the part you like best

From the album Winter Solstice V?
The simple birth?Barbara Higbie
Light & song?Will Ackerman
Snow in the prairies?Torcuato Mariano

Elizabethan Serenade
Merry Widow waltz
Italian Fantasy
Skater?s waltz

Vivadali?4 Seasons (Spring, Autumn, Winter, Summer)
Bach-The Brandenburg Concertos (1-6)

Mozart?The Requiem Album
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik: ?minuetto allegretto? &?finale?

Strauss --Emperor Waltz
Roses from the south
Die fiederemaus
Tritsch tratsch polka

DeBussy --Claire De lune
La fille aux cheveux de lin

Tchaikovsky??Pathetic Symphony?
Festival overture 1812
Waltz from Sleeping beauty
Symphony #5 op 64 ?the destiny? in e minor

Beethoven --Ode to joy
Moonlight Sonata
Symphony #6 ?pastorale?

Overture: Light calvary?Suppe
Overture: Russian & Ludmilla ?Glinka
Hungarian Dance #5?Brahms
?Adagio? from New World Symphony?Dvorak
Water music-the hornpipe?Handel
In the hall of the mountain king-Greig
Ride of the valkyries?Wagner
Songs from the album ?angels of the deep? by Raphael
Songs from the album Snowfell by Yanni


jERRY WAllACE jR. 22.11.2010. 23:28

Help World History Test? 2.An immediate result of the fall of the Roman Empire was
A.A renewed interest in education and the arts
B.A period of disorder and weak central government
C.An increase in trade and manufacturing
D.The growth of cities and dominance by the middle class
3.The ancient Greek city state of Sparta
A.Was primarily concerned with the health of their people
B.Was a powerful military state
C.Granted universal suffrage to their people
D.Placed great emphasis on literature and the arts
4.After the fall of Rome, the eastern portion of the Roman Empire became known as the
A.Persian Empire
B.Byzantine Empire
C.Mongol Empire
D.Gupta Empire
5.The ancient Athenians are credited with
A.Inventing and using the wheel
B.Eliminating slavery
C.Establishing governments that had democratic elements
D.Inventing the printing press
6.A major contribution of the Roman Republic to Western European culture was the
A.Concept of governments by laws
B.Belief that political power should be controlled by the military
C.Establishment of agricultural communities
D.Rejection of the concept of slavery
7.Which part of the American government today gets its name from Ancient Rome?
A.House of Representatives
C.Supreme Court
8. The Olympics were a sporting event as well as a way for Greeks to keep fit for war. What was another purpose of the games?
A.To bring peace and unity to the Greek city-states
B.A religious festival dedicated to the gods
C.A place for women and men to come together for celebrations and entertainment
D.All of the above
9. What was the class with the most privileges in Rome society?
10.Who rule Athens during its? Golden Age when the Parthenon was built?
11.What was the problem that neither Augustus nor the emperors who followed him never solved?
A.How to build a great network of roads
B.How to insure an orderly succession of power
C.How to effectively organize the Roman legions
D.Where to find the necessary workers
12.Which culture most influenced ancient Rome?
A. India
B. China
C. Egypt
D. Greece
13. Why is the period between 27BC and 180AD known as the Pax Romana?
A. The philosophy of Epicurus of Athens became dominant during this time.
B. The Christian religion became the dominant religion of the empire at this time.
C. Diocletian saved the empire by dividing into 2 portions.
D. It was a time of peace and prosperity within the Roman Empire.
14.Which is the world?s oldest religion?
15. What is the Koran?
A. The holy book of Islam
B. The first Russian capital
C. The University of Constantinople
D. The center of Muslim Civilization built by the Abbasids
E. The holy books of Judaism
16. Who do Muslims believe Allah was?
A. The God of the Hindus
B. The God of the Hebrews and Christians
C. The God of the Vikings
D. The God of the Chinese
E. The God of the Indians
17. What are the basic tenets of the Islamic faith?
A. The Four Noble Truths
B. The Five Pillars
C. The One Absolute Law
D. The Three Wise Sayings
18. Whereas Christianity believes in the Bible and Jesus, Judaism believes in the ___________ and ______________.
A. Torah, Moses
B. Mandate, Confucius
C. Quran, Muhammad
D. Veda, Brahman

19.Five times a day, Muslims pray toward which holy city?
20.Four of the five major world faiths (religions) share a belief in:
A.The divinity of Jesus
B.Polytheistic gods
D.Muhammad as the most recent prophet
21. Mohammad lived and created the Islamic religion in which century?
A.8th BC (700?s)
B.1st AD (0-100)
C.7th AD(600?s)
D.13th AD (1200?s)
22. Which religion believes in a caste system and has writings called Vedas?
23. Which religion started in India with the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama?
24.Beliefs in reincarnation, the Four Noble Truths, and Nirvana characterize which of the following religions?

Short Response: Please respond to the following in 1 paragraph. Type your response in the answer section above.
In a well developed paragraph, explain three ancient Greek contributions to modern civilization. Make sure to provide specific examples/details to support your ideas.ith World Hist


Admin 22.11.2010. 23:28

2: B.
3: B.
4: B.
5: C.
6: A.
7: B;
8; B.
9: B.
10: B.
11: B.
12: D.
13: D.
14: A.
15: A.
16: B.
17: B.
18: A.
19: C.
20: C.
21: C.
22: B.
23: D.
24: D.

3 Greek contributions:
Democracy - began in Athens.
literature - first known european book is Homer's 'Iliad.'
Maths - Euclidean geometry, trigonometry, Archimedes work on the area and volume of spheres and circles.


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