Professional Skin Care Look

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Professional Skin Care Look

When you walk in a room, have people notice your Beauty not your make-up!

The place to start for skin care that looks professional is clear healthy skin, it's a must. Whereas many women simply wash their face, cleansing the skin is important to the final finish. To effectively cleanse the skin, NEVER, EVER use soap off the shelf of the drugstore or grocery mart. A professional cleansing product that is specifically developed for your skin type is mandatory. World-class products, supplied by IH Distribution, include Cleansing Cream for dry skin, Cleansing Lotion for oily skin, hydrating wash with anti-aging properties for mature skin. More information about these products can be obtained from Next, NEVER scrub your face with a washcloth, always use the fingertips. Rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry with a towel.

A critical step often missed is the use of a toner or freshener, which is also directly tailored to your skin type; this is important because it will remove any remaining oil, debris, or remnants the cleanser left behind. Then, using the proper moisturizer (again, tailored to your skin type) is paramount.

The foundation used is vitally important because where eye shadow, blush and lipstick may accent your facial features; the foundation sets the tone for a woman's visual appearance. Find a shade that disappears into your skin, which will be the correct shade for your complexion. IH Distribution has 15 different shades for which one perfectly matches everyone's skin. The About Face Line Defiance Makeup is SPF8, which smoothes the look of fine lines and wrinkles. The new line of liquid makeup is blended with vitamins A & E to protect against the invisible enemy - Time.

When using a blush to accent facial features, use a slightly darker shade to provide a contour to your face and provide cheekbones that "lift" from your face. Start at the earlobe down towards the cheek so a "glob" isn't left on the cheek. Use a blush that is lighter in color to bring out the highlights.

Eye makeup - use shadows to effectively reflect your moods! Take time to practice and you can apply eye shadow accurately and easily. Keep in mind that light colors highlight features and dark colors diminish. Use either 2 or 3 different shades, start with the lightest first on the entire eye lid, medium lower only and the darkest on the outer corner which provides a perception of depth.

Eyeliner should be applied with short strokes and remember to start at the center and work outside to the corners.

To complete the look and the mood, quality mascara finishes your eye make-up
with dark eyes use navy, black, or dark brown.

Nail color - Use a polish that compliments the overall tones of your make-up. For example, if you were using natural shades on your lips and cheeks, stay with a natural color for nails.

Finally, lip color adds the striking appearance that makes a woman stand out and appear desirable. A professional skin care tip is to try to use a lip pencil to outline the lips prior to lipstick application; it's a personal thing but very defining on some women. Also, try a small brush from tube lipstick to help define the contours of the mouth but, more importantly, really control the amount of color that's applied. Another professional skin care tip is to lightly apply powder over the lips before applying the lipstick which helps it stay on longer. For effective lipstick stain removal, apply a dab of glycerin and wash as usual.

Check IH Distribution's 10 About Face Lip Pencils and 28 About Face Lipsticks. Virtually a rainbow of colors, one is sure to fit and shade your lips with beautiful color, moistures, and antioxidant protection. Favorite colors are Mysterious, Smolder, Whisper, and Celebrity. The products are available online at

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IH Distribution specializes in health areas such as acne skin care, anti-aging cream, anti-wrinkle cream, hormones and natural hormone replacement therapy, natural progesterone cream and skin care cream. We offer beauty care products such as natural cosmetics, facial products, skin care products, eye make up and dermatologist approved cleansing products.


frederic g 04.09.2006. 13:59

We are looking for distributors to sell natural professional facial skin care masks made in France.? We are looking for distributors to sell natural professional facial skin care masks made in France.

We are supplying natural professional skin care masks and creams made in France with seaweed and marin extracts.
We can sell our products as OEM our if your wish we can provide you a label with your own brand according to your own needs.

frederic g

Admin 04.09.2006. 13:59

Keep looking. This is a site to answer questions not sell your products.


Aaron 25.10.2011. 03:13

I am adding esthetics to my salon, what is a good skin care line.? I only want to know of professional skin care lines, not department store lines.Preferably something that is easy to retail also.


Admin 25.10.2011. 03:13

It depends on your skin care objectives!

There are several nice lines that can meet the needs of any and all skin types; Dermalogica, GM Collin and Physiodermie. If you are looking for a clinical advanced line Circadia is top of the list!

Michelle D'Allaird-Brenner


bluebells 06.10.2011. 05:28

What job would let me create natural skin care products? I'm not sure if being a naturopathic dermatologist is what I would need to be. I'm interested in studying natural skin care and creating remedies for it. The people are Burt's Bees, or Aubrey Organics, are they chemists? Dermatologists? What do I need to study to do this? Thanks!


Admin 06.10.2011. 05:28

If you are just looking to create skin care products, then anyone can do this in their basement or garage. Once you do your research on the ingredients, find a way to combine them and market them, you send your formulas to a pharmaceutical maker like and work with them on finalizing development.

If you are looking to do this on a professional level with an established company, then a chemistry degree would be your first step. You may look at botany, biology, microbio, and organic chemistry heavy schooling as well.


Fran 01.12.2012. 00:54

What do you think of going to a beauty school for this type of service? I want to get a skin treatment to make me look a little younger. The beauty school charges about half of the price of a professional beauty salon for skin care treatments. Do you think I will be satisfied with the beauty school? I appreciate your answers. Thank you.


Admin 01.12.2012. 00:54

The reason they charge half price is because students do it. I know exactly what you mean, I have a local beauty school who offers me free haircuts...and that sounds fine and dandy except for the fact that it's some 18 year old girl who just learned a few weeks ago.
Skin is precious, I wouldn't do it there. Save up and go somewhere else.


Rosemary 28.06.2013. 01:06

What are some important ways to look after your skin? I wash my face at least once a day with either Lacura cleansing milk or a Biore ice cleansing product. I tone and moisturise occasionally too. And exfoliate with a Garnier ambre solaire product about once a week. I also occasionally get a professional facial done and exercise a couple of times per week (pilates, walk) which I hear is beneficial for the skin too. Does this sound a good facial skin care regimen to you? Do you have any suggestions to improve it?


Admin 28.06.2013. 01:06

I always advise to use the best quality natural products made with names you can read not chemicals that who knows what they are... and products only work when you use them... I know girls that have things sitting in the cupboard and keep them as a sort of sourvenir

biggest tips are don't smoke, drink lots and lots of water, don't drink too much alcohol it shows in your skin when you are older, wear sunglasses so you don't squint, buy and use eye balm and eye gel the best that I have found and yes pricey but lasts for ages is the clarins eye gel feels great relaxes the area and use it often
another good thing is get into the habit of at least weekly doing a face mask natio make a fabulous white clay one and exfoliating scrubs are good although don't recommend the garnier one sorry there is a very good and affordable range of products "sukin" they are organic and australian check them out
always take your makeup off and go to bed with a clean face and put night cream on
you should be using moisturiser daily not occasionally oh and a good lip balm is essential
your face will show how you have lived when you age and you want to have happy wrinkles not sad angry wrinkles so that's why it is important to follow a routine and have a happy healthy life ... hope that helps and believe me the younger you are when you start the better the results when you age


Natalie Vicky 12.11.2012. 21:35

what skin care line is better formula 10.0.6 or dermalogica clean start? have been looking for a new skin care line that helps for acne but i do not know whats better dermalogic of formula 10.0.6 ?

Natalie Vicky

Admin 12.11.2012. 21:35

USe Dermalogica is professional acne system is way better
paraben free and natural great for the skin.

Formula 10.0.6 is not that amazing some products sucks


[p!glet] :) 09.02.2009. 07:58

What is the best skin care product? I need help. Many people are so into proactiv, then there is neutragena. Now, i have tried most of them, and some of them result in dry, irratating skin. So my real question is, Which skin care product can clear my acne with strong stuff with out leading to skin irritations???

[p!glet] :)

Admin 09.02.2009. 07:58

Hi there. I understand your problem, because i find i have the same issue. I heard there is a skin care product coming out soon that suppose to be really good, and contains natural ingredients. This product helps with ance, anti-ageing, dull swallow lifeless complexion. And its a kit that helps with these different skin condition/problem in one, sounds cool:) because i love to have perfect skin.

Sometimes you think that the best branded products on the market are alway going to be the best for your skin, but that sometimes isn't the case lol.

The product that suppose to coming out very soon blows some of the biggest skin care products away in ingredients. As you wouldn't believe the harmful ingredients that some big name skin care products contain that can cause skin irriation such as dryness, rashes, blemishes, block pores and pimples. I dont know about you but i dont want that, when i use a product i want RESULTS RESULTS RESULTS lol :) the meantime i can give you this information that i found which was helpful for me. When i get more info on that new product coming out i will let you know, as i heard this from a friend who is a beauty therapist, and she does not recommend rubbish :)


Which Acne Products are the Best to Buy?

Acne is not a simple condition to treat. It is a skin disease that affects each individual that has it differently. Every case of serious acne has to be looked at as an individual case in order to be properly treated.
There is no catch-all treatment that can be used for every case. Furthermore, a lot of trial and error is usually needed in order to find an effective treatment individual by individual.There are many acne products that are mass-marketed as the best cure for acne.

It is very important to realize that products that are marketed towards acne sufferers and that can be bought off the shelf in the supermarket, do not cure acne. They manage, mask or suppress the symptoms of acne.

It is important to recognize this as well as to realize that acne is not a result of bad hygiene. If your acne is progressively getting worse do not think that it is enough to wash your skin often and to use an over the counter product. If your acne is getting worse, seek medical advice for stronger products that might only be available with a prescription.

Acne treatments vary from being off the shelf, over-the-counter creams, prescribed and surgical. Over the counter acne products are usually topical medicines that contain Benzoyl Peroxide or Salicylic Acid. These are usually used to treat mild cases of acne where an individual is attempting to halt the progression of acne and clear up some troublesome pimples. They can also be used during severe stages of acne in combination with another treatment.

Doctors usually recommend that the acne-infected area be washed very gently with warm water and a mild soap and then the topical treatment applied.When acne progresses to the moderate or severe stage, doctors and dermatologists will usually use a combination of treatments in order for maximum effectiveness in halting any further development of the skin disease.

Light therapy and extraction are often used at the moderate stage, in combination with an oral antibiotic or a retinoid cream, depending on the observations and recommendations of your doctor.Since acne is such a complex condition to properly treat, it is not advisable to attempt to self-medicate. If you try over the counter products and they do not work.

Do not give up thinking that you have an incurable case of acne. Seek further professional medical advice. A doctor or a dermatologist will try to stop your acne from getting out of hand and will make an aggressive attempt at using a combination of products to prevent the possibility of acne scarring.If you are serious about putting a halt to your acne, learn about the latest acne fighting products and how they can possibly work for your type of acne from your doctor.

Do not make off the shelf products the extent of your fight against acne. Be as aggressive about fighting acne as acne is about progressing step by step into a serious skin condition.

For more information visit:

Revitol Spot Gel Overview
Ideal for treating acne spots directly. Provides the powerful benefits and ingredients of the Revitol Acne Treatment Solution in a clear gel form. This Fast-acting invisible gel quickly clears breakouts with a maximum strength treatment that rapidly clears breakouts. This clear gel works quickly by penetrating deep inside the pore to unblock trapped dirt and oil. Goes on clear. Oil-free. Maximum strength. Non-comedogenic. Dermatologist tested.

Revitol Acne Spot Gel helps with:

Helps to rapidly reduces spots and blemishes
Soothes and heals the skin
Rapidly clears breakouts; maximum strength
Penetrates inside pores to unblock trapped d


Mike 16.07.2012. 22:43

Where can I go to get male fashion/style tips? I'm looking to get some tips on what hair style suits me, skin care and stuff that generally makes me look good, have a distinct lack of style in my life and stuff. Was wondering where you can generally get help personally from a person who knows what will look good on me, because im a hopeless shopper and need to learn to look after myself better!

And don't get me wrong I don't want to look like anyone from TOWIE!


Admin 16.07.2012. 22:43

Personal advice from professionals is expensive. But you could try to ask someone you know (that looks/dresses well). It's hard to answer if you did not provide a photo or more details.

First step: start doing a little research.
Look at hairstyles on the internet (and find a few that you think will suit your face and personality).
For skin, products that are made for sensitive skin work (in general) for every skin type. But the best way to find out what works for you and what does not is to try a few products.




Melanie 02.07.2011. 15:14

What is the best skin care treatment to get rid of acne fast? I'm highly considering Proactive but maybe there's something better that will work faster. I'm looking for something that will work as fast as possible because school is starting soon for me, and I think most of you understand how bad it feels when you have this huge ass pimple and you don't want to go to school just for it.


Admin 02.07.2011. 15:14

You want quick results like immediately so you are looking for quick fixes and instant gratification. There are over 500 compounds with varying concentrations of ingredients that promises to revitalize your skin in record time for a price. I know you have heard this before " Trust me" and it is something you have secretly lived to regret. I know, so, go see a dermatologist a reputable one. Have a comprehensive facial evaluation. Ok you are not impressed. Not fast enough. Here are some questions you should ask of the physician to get an informed opinion.

1. How aggressively can acne be treated with out prescription strength medication?
2. How successful are over the counter acne medications with respect to predicting significant restoration of facial unblemished look in the shortest time possible?
3. How do I determine which product is best for my skin?

Do have a professional evaluate the possible conclusion, and provide you with a list of options. If you succeed you would have proven my point and that is everybody is preparing to sell you the Golden Gate Bridge. Look You get what you pay for.What I am saying is don't go for the quick fixes. Your life is not a quick fix. It takes time to be you, so take as much time to improve your looks. Try not to hurry into consensus decision making. If you must be very cautious. If you are pi$$ed that I did not give you answers, don't be, I did give you answers . "Go see a dermatologist ask your parents to make an appointment for you. If you need immediate relief you may not have enough time to do it correct the first place but you know what you will always find the time to do it over.There is a 100% chances of your flying off the handle ans doing things right and making a bigger mess.

If you are still not sure what I said email me i will try to explain.
Good luck sport
next time


Spaby 17.11.2010. 07:30

How do I obtain a Pennsylvania skin care license? I graduated from a 600hr esthetics course in NJ which does not have reciprocation with PA. Where can I look for resources as I would like to begin working in the field?


Admin 17.11.2010. 07:30

Register for the aesthetician exam with Professional Credential Services (PCS), the private testing company the Board of Cosmetology uses to administer its licensing examinations. You can call 888-822-3272 for an application packet or apply online at


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