When Do You Pray?

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When Do You Pray?

By: Cory L. Kemp

When do you pray?

Prayer is the cornerstone of the Christian faith, the communication factor with God that opens us to grace, hope and the very love of God that transforms our lives.

So, when do you pray?

Think about that for a moment. Think about when you pray before you start reciting the endless list in your head about why you don't have the time to pray that you think you should, would or could, if only. Take a deep breath, and ponder this for a moment.

Did you pray at church this week? Did you say grace with you meals today, spoken or unspoken? Did you make a green light, thereby getting to work in plenty of time, and say, "Thank you, God"? Did you admire the clouds in the sky while running an errand before you picked you kids up from school? Prayer happens throughout your day, in ways that are obvious, and many that are not so apparent.

A prayer for God's help and guidance hudged between two thoughts about when to pay bills and still produce what is required at work, or a bit of extra patience listening to a friend, can both be strong prayers in simple, profound ways.

Our hopes and dreams are also prayers. Albeit not always spoken, our thoughts convey our desires to God and are as viable as the prayers in which we share at each Sunday worship service. Hebrews 11:1 states: "Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen." In our hopes we communicate our faith in God, to God.

Prayer communicates to God all that we want to share with God. Praise, adoration, gratitude, hope, fear, trust, petitions, anything we want to share with God, and particularly those things we may not be able to share with anyone else are there for the giving. God listens, and God hears.

Take a moment, a pen and a piece of paper, and jot down when you prayed today, and what you prayed about and for. No judgements, just a consideration of your communication with God today.

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Cory L. Kemp

As an ordained minister I have worked in educational ministries in several congregations, as well as pastoring a congregation. My writing has focused on nonfiction essays and I have recently submitted a theological memoir for publication. My ministerial background and love of writing have combined to develop Creating Women Ministries, a website dedicated to encouraging theological dialogue, particularly among women, through workshops, journaling and personal spiritual development. My website can be found at http://CreatingWomenMinistries.com, and I can be reached by email at Creatingwome@irun.com.


William 22.11.2012. 05:31

What religions require people to pray at times throughout the day, besides Muslim? I know Muslims pray 5 times a day. What other religions require people to pray once or more every day?


Admin 22.11.2012. 05:31

Thereis a requirement for priests of the Catholic Church (as well as for Orthodox churches, as I understand it) to pray what is called the Divine Office, or the Liturgy of the Hours. In the Catholic Church, the LotH is a day-long cycle of prayer, starting with the Invitatory (the invitation to prayer), Lauds (Morning Prayer, about 6am traditionally), terce (third hour, 9am), sext (sixth hour, noon), none (ninth hour, 3pm), Vespers (Evening Prayer, 6pm) and Compline (Night Prayer, just before bedtime). There is also Matins (the Office of Readings) which is not a set time, but rather is celebrated just prior to one of the other Hours. Terce, sext, and none are rarely celebrated separately; usually, a single Daytime Prayer is celebrated at about noon (or just before lunch).

Each Hour will consist of one or more psalms, biblical readings, responsories, intercessory prayers, all arranged in a liturgical manner. The psalms are also arranged in a four week cycle; if one were to pray each Hour of each day for four weeks, they would encounter the entire Book of Psalms.

Bear in mind, celebrating the Divine Office is only required for those who have received the sacrament of Holy Orders, and certain religious communities (i.e. Franciscans) will require it of their brothers and ssters. And different bishops may prescribe whether or not they want their preists to celebrate the entire Divine Office each day. Also, particularly since Vatican II, Catholic laity have been encouraged to pray the Divine Office, either privately or in groups. Many lay faithful celebrate Morning Prayer when they get up in the morning, and Evening Prayer around sunset and don't often celebrate other Hours.

There are a number of different breviaries (the book containing the psalter and tthe arrangments for the Hours) for all different levels, from a small single-volume prayer book, a hefty tome with chant modes, or a complete four-volume set containing the entire Divine Office ("The Liturgy of the Hours," Catholic Book Publishing Co.).

I know that was a lot, but I hope I helped paint a picture of daily liturgical prayer!


Kora Korakora 16.06.2011. 16:19

How do you pray for your relationship to grow? How do you pray for your relationship to grow? People say to think positively and speak it into existence, claim it and it's already done but how do you do that?

Kora Korakora

Admin 16.06.2011. 16:19

Any relationship takes time spent with the one that you want to grow closer to. So if it is with God, keep your thoughts on Him, read His word, talk to Him throughout the day about anything, listen to worship music.
If it is with a person, pray for more time with that person, for their and your heart to be open to one another, ask God to guide the relationship and your prayers. He will. You have to be patient :)


Katie;)<3 31.08.2009. 20:58

What saint or angel should I pray to for help with publishing my books? I've prayed to God, but is there any additional saints or angels I can pray to for additional help? I want a serious answer.


Admin 31.08.2009. 20:58

Praying to God already helps. Why do you need prayers? Are your books already published or you still haven't found a publisher yet?

Believe in yourself and believe in your book. You can never go wrong.

Good luck :)


Rob 23.08.2008. 16:04

Christians do you believe in praying for others? What things do you ask others to pray for you about? Jas 5:16 Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.


Admin 23.08.2008. 16:04

For my families salvation.
For healing
Other people
Specific needs

Yes I readily offer to pray for others - because prayer changes things.
More things are wrought through prayer than this world dreams of.


CAMILLE 12.10.2010. 18:09

Why do you pray? What is your motive for praying for others? Is it because Jesus prayed? Or is it because you know it works?
The word of God is not just some men's opinions as some would think. It is divine knowledge from the Holy Spirit.
I respect Catholics because they reverence the Word of God and the Lord Himself. They pray and they do not make a big deal about it.


Admin 12.10.2010. 18:09

I pray to talk to God. There are many different reasons. God is my friend. I may have a question about something. I might be feeling insecure about something. I may have had a dream or vision & I want to understand what it means. I might want to paint it, but only recall parts of it. So need more remembrance to paint it as I had seen it in the vision or dream.

If I sense trouble regarding family or friends, I pray about that family & friend and pray for their healing or deliverance from oppression... As the Holy Spirit leads.

I pray for people if they are going through health problems for their healing. I pray for people that are having nightmares or demonic oppression by taking authority over the oppressing spirit.

We are to continually pray for one another that we stay in Christ and for spiritual protection...

Jesus Heart was always one with the Fathers Heart. Jesus talked according to how the Father would have Him talk. And we are to be talking & praying continually as we are abiding in Christ continually.

But worshiping God is different. I worship God when I exalt GOD for WHO GOD IS & WHAT GOD HAS DONE & WHAT GOD IS DOING & WHAT GOD IS GOING TO DO !!!!!!!

And when I sense His Awesome PRESENCE In the Praise & Worship that I get on my knees in the Joy of the LORD THAT GOD REVEALS GODS BLESSED ASSURANCE right then & there.


Chocolate Barbie* 23.08.2010. 03:00

Why is it important to pray and is there a certain way to pray? * How are people supposed to pray?
* Is prayer important to you?
* Do you like to pray?
* Can anyone pray?
* How often do you pray?
* Does prayer have to be learned?

Chocolate Barbie*

Admin 23.08.2010. 03:00

It is just a medium to connect the individual self to the Universal Self. It is just to understand our relations, our duties and responsibilities towards other creations in the universe.

One should pray earnestly, sincerely, ardently with devotion.



Frequently. As and when I feel like.

We should only know how best we can keep our relation with the external world. This basic information is sufficient.


Captain 25.03.2012. 21:38

Christians is there a specific way to pray? I'm an Anglican and lots of times, when I pray, I start to wonder if I am doing it right or that my prayer wasn't heard or something and I want my sins to be forgiven. Is there a reason why I don't feel forgiven or that my prayer wasn't heard? Do I need to pray a certain way or something?


Admin 25.03.2012. 21:38

No, just pray from your heart and try to trust. The Bible does tell us not to pray on the street corner (don't brag about it), but to pray quietly in a closet (keep it between you and your maker).


Furrynomz 08.04.2012. 18:22

What should I pray for tomorrow, to the four face buddah? I want to go and pray, asking for fortune, health and a successful marriage, and also mentioning that I would return and give thanks. There is a person I love, but it will be very hard to actually marry him (personal reasons) so should I mention him, or just love in general? Is there anything else I should pray for, and anything else to ask? Is there anything I shouldn't mention, thank you!


Admin 08.04.2012. 18:22

IIRC Buddha is not a God, therefore no need to pray to him.


Hollywood Jono 02.04.2012. 12:04

Is it acceptable to pray mentally in a laying position? Are you permitted to pray as you are laying in bed at night mentally as to not disturb others? Or are you required to pray out loud in a seated, standing or kneeling position to have it actually count?

Hollywood Jono

Admin 02.04.2012. 12:04

Actually you can pray in any position.

But there should be special time for prayers too.


Sleepy Conscience 22.01.2011. 02:33

How come I can't pray for a spontaneous quadruple bypass? I know I can pray for it to go well, or really for any positive outcome in concert with actual medical treatment. But if prayer works, why do I need to bother with the doctors at all? Isn't it a strange coincidence that prayer only works when combined with scientifically tested treatments or diseases that are capable of spontaneously reversing, but never otherwise? If my heart absolutely needs a quadruple bypass, prayer is incapable of actually cutting up and rearranging my blood vessels in the way I need.

Sleepy Conscience

Admin 22.01.2011. 02:33

You can pray for it, but you won't get it. Same as people who lose arms or legs - they never grow back, no matter how much somebody prays.


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