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Nearest - Dearest

By: Malcolm R. Campbell

'Begin with the clear conception that the subject of deepest interest to the average human being is himself.' -- Horace Greeley

Was the founder of the old New York Tribune overly cynical or simply realistic in his advice to a friend who planned to start a newspaper?

When it comes to news, we seldom ignore exciting or shocking events far away. But nearest is dearest for truly capturing our attention, if not our hearts.

" What Greeley said is true, " say Campbell and Wolseley in How to Report and Write the News. " Today - as a century ago - the news consumer reads what interests him. This interest has its origin in his expectation of some immediate or delayed benefit. "

What interests you? Perhaps your list includes health, wealth, advancement, safety, achievement, companionship, entertainment, and inspiration. Whether you're writing a news story or a press release, a white paper or user manual, a novel, a how-to article, a routine e-mail message or a love letter, you communicate about what you care about.

But will you reader care about it, too? When you write " grand opening tomorrow " or " the scheduling software includes a genetic algorithm, " will your reader care? Ah, that depends on the benefits!

Grand opening tomorrow = products you need, 25% off. Genetic algorithm = less down time, better throughput.

Your attention to unity, coherence and emphasis in your writing will help you show others what you care about. But, if you want your message to be understood and bring about a positive response from your readers, remember nearest-dearest.

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Malcolm R. Campbell is the author of The Sun Singer, a quest/adventure novel available from major on-line booksellers, fine bookstores and the author's web site at:


MD 28.02.2010. 11:44

What are the biggest battles for Islam and sacrifices of Prophet Mohammad? I wanted to know how, our prophets their families accepted the wish of Lord willingly with out any complaint even if they had to sacrifice the nearest & dearest ones including their own self.


Admin 28.02.2010. 11:44

It was the battle in Makkah against the idol worshipers. but they didnt fight the idolworshipers surrendered to the muslims and most of the idol worshipers became muslim. LOL i learned this in school today!


Nevil 07.04.2012. 11:19

How fast can your favourite healing method cure an ailment? This is an attempt to find the authentic healing method:
State the method and if you have seen it work on yourself or your near dear ones, any changes in medical report and the time taken for the healing. Do not try to sell a method you have not personally seen.
Excellent response on the first day itself... Thanks guys. I am extending the expiration to get more responses. I hope somebody comes in with healing techniques that may heal in minutes instead of days.


Admin 07.04.2012. 11:19

Once I got cut.

I put a bandaid over it.


Keira 09.01.2013. 22:11

How do I get my cat to gain weight? He is about 10 years old and weighs around 7.5 pounds. He has always been super skinny!! He was the runt of his litter and near dear death at one point. Once I shaved him and he looked so skinny and like a ferret or something haha all my friends laughed at him and made fun of his weight. I feed him so much though! I give him dry food, plain lowfat yogurt, and a can of fancy feast everyday. How can I get him to gain weight?


Admin 09.01.2013. 22:11

I would take him to the vet for a complete check up to rule out any medical condition for his weight loss. Parasites, diabetes, thyroid and liver disease are what pops up in my mind first. Once your vet has examined your cat and ruled out any medical condition then I would suggest you feed a premium quality food like Nutro Natural Choice. My four cats eat Natural Choice and really like it. It's a higher protein, lower carb food that's all natural with no chicken by-products, ground corn or any artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Your vet can also advice you of the best diet to feed your cat and also how much you should be feeding. Good luck and hope this helps.

Feline weight loss should be an alarming symptom as it might signal different diseases or the existence of parasites. You cat may lose weight if he is under stress. In each of these cases, visit your vet and find out the cause of the weight loss.
1. Parasites

If your cat has parasites, he will lose weight as a consequence of his lack of appetite and vomiting. The most common parasites that cause weight loss are the tapeworm, giardia, heartworm and the hookworm. These are treatable and may be detected in your cat's feces or blood work. However, you need a precise diagnosis from your vet.
2. Feline Leukemia Virus Disease Complex (FELV)

The feline leukemia virus is a retrovirus from the same family of viruses as the FELV virus. The leukemia is a fatal disease. It is transmitted through saliva and other secretions.

The cat will also display symptoms such as fever, depression, enlarged lymph nodes, discoloration of nose and tongue or breathing difficulty. A cat with leukemia has a weak immune system and will be susceptible to a lot of infections.
3. Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBC)

The inflammatory bowel disease causes chronic vomiting and diarrhea and will lead to weight loss. The upper or lower intestines are affected by inflammatory cells.

IBD may be treated with some dietary restriction and identifying the cause of the irritation.
4. Liver Disease

The liver helps keep the blood free from toxins and facilitates digestion. Liver disease may be caused by increased toxicity in the cat's body, hepatitis or cancer. Besides weight loss, the cat will vomit and have diarrhea. Your pet will have yellow eyes and mucous membranes, suffer from depression, have seizures and bad breath.
5. Diabetes

Diabetes is an endocrine disorder caused by the deficiency of insulin in the body. The insulin is needed to properly metabolize the sugars in the blood. Diabetes causes weight loss. You will also notice apathy, constant urination and thirst, vomiting and bad breath.

Diabetes is not treatable but can be managed by the administration of insulin shots. Detecting the disease is critical.
6. Kidney Disease

Kidney failure may be fatal to a cat. If the kidney has lost more than 70% of its filtering function, the cat has kidney failure. The kidney failure is caused by infections, kidney tumors, cysts and kidney disease. Most of the kidney failures are not reversible. Wet diet will be prescribed and phosphorous binders will keep the condition under control.
7. Stress Induced Weight Loss

If a cat is under a lot of stress he will lack appetite. The causes of stress may be recent changes in the cat's life, such as moving or the presence of a new pet or person in the home. The stress may be handled through therapy or by reassuring your cat that he is still important to you, and creating a comfortable home in the new place.

Excessive weight loss can cause feline anemia. Detecting the cause of weight loss is important for your cat's health, as some of these diseases are fatal.


rashi s 21.09.2008. 07:52

How many of you are over-emotional and get upset/hurt over small issues..What are u doing about it? I am very emotional. I feel upset / hurt over trivial issues. I am also the over analysing types & feel bad about 'in between the lines' meanings. This is definitely not a good quality as it spoils my mood & my near & dear ones spend a lot of time explaining/convincing me.I want to know if there are other ppl who are similar & are u doing anything to change yourself??

rashi s

Admin 21.09.2008. 07:52

I am the queen of over-analysing things and looking for hidden meanings. One thing I've learnt is that you have to learn to stop and think during the situation. If you believe someone is being a smart-a** & implying something, just calmly ask them something like "What exactly do you mean by that?" or "Is there something else you're trying to tell me?" and you can usually gauge by their reaction if there was something there or not. Also, go by their personality in general. If someone is usually nice to you, there's no reason they're all of a sudden going to turn nasty without reason. It's better to start expressing yourself & to occasionally accuse/suspect someone of something & get it wrong (you can always apologise) than it is to bottle up suspicions and then resent the person when they might not have meant any ill at all. Hope this helps :)


IndieGirl101 16.07.2011. 02:16

What music industry careers would allow me to work closely with bands? I've always wanted to be a music major, but my Dad also told me he thought I'd make a stellar events coordinator (: Soo anyone have any ideas?! Thanks guys. (P.S. I play piano & bass... music is very near & dear to me. So this should be interesting!!!) -Indie G


Admin 16.07.2011. 02:16

Don't do it to be close to bands, do it cus you love it/have a passion for it! Shouldn't be asking people on here either because we don't know you... it's something you have to figure out by yourself! goodluck!(:


Dave 04.03.2010. 06:15

How can I find same last 2 or 3 words vocabulary? e.g. clear,hear,fear,near,dear . So how can i find some other kind of vocabulary list with same last 2 words . I need your help guys please answer me soon . They have any special dictionary so i can find a list just by typing any letters. you can get any 2 last words but it should be the same. i know one more so let me tell you e.g. flick,chick,dick,sick . Answer me good and true.


Admin 04.03.2010. 06:15

~~~Do you mean last two letters of a word? Type in word at rhyme.
blear, crear, ear, frear, gear, grear, kear, lear, mear, rear, schear, sear, shear, smear, spear, stear, tear, year


????? ??? ? 07.08.2009. 16:36

What are some legitimate names that could be used to honour these people? Kathleen Ellen Rebecca - My Grandma.
Karen Jayne - My Mum.
Lisa Susanne - My favourite Auntie/God-mother.
Karina Jayne - My nearest and dearest.

I don't mean made up names, and I don't mean all together.
I mean like Anneliese for my Auntie, or Eleanor for my Grandma.

Does this make sense? Let me know if it doesn't, and I'll try again.

Thanks in advance!

????? ??? ?

Admin 07.08.2009. 16:36

Names to honor your Grandmother:
-- Catherine/Katharine
-- Helena or Lena
-- Kate
-- Lucy/Lucia (Ellen means "light", as do Lucy and Lucia)
-- Katya/Nesta (Kathleen means "pure", as do Katya and Nesta)

Names to honor your Mother & Nearest/Dearest (the names are very similar):
-- Carys
-- Jean/Janette
-- Katherine (Karen came from Katherine)
-- Janna
-- Cara (one of my personal favorites)
-- Gianna (another one of my faves! The Italian version of Jane.)

Names to honor your Aunt:
-- Suzette
-- Liesel
-- Lisette
-- Lily (Susanne means "lily".)
-- Leah
-- Leanne
-- Leona
-- Sanne (a popular Dutch name; you might have to look up pronunciation on this one but I think it's SAHH-nuh.)

Good luck!


Elle 16.02.2009. 20:00

If you won 8 million on the lottery, what would you do with your winnings? Would you sort yourself, family, friends, give some to charity? Would you go public or just tell your nearest & dearest?
AznKid9 - they do in England!


Admin 16.02.2009. 20:00

I would Immediately GIVE to My family & some to a NO_KILL animal society. I really Don't need THINGS..
I am Blessed now. Abused Woman & Kids would be high on My list for donations also.
Yes I can't Lie Lots of $$ would be great! But I would HELP with It.


LaReina de Todo 11.11.2008. 18:52

What are some creative activities to do while waiting for Thanksgiving dinner to cook? I like to mentally plot the demise of most of my nearest and dearest annoying relatives.

LaReina de Todo

Admin 11.11.2008. 18:52

search the internet for shoes to wear for christmas.... I see you changed your shoes again.... very sexy


trixsea 18.08.2008. 19:17

Short Film Recommendations! Anyone out there have some good ideas on films that are easy to rip on? Every month or so a group of my nearest and dearest get together and have MST3K (Mystery Science Theater 3K) and rip on the multitude of undeniably silly films ~ one by one....

Thanks for any suggestions!


Admin 18.08.2008. 19:17

I've found that movies that aren't intended to be funny are the best to make fun of, just like they did in MST. Some of the movies I'll mention are horrible, but a few of the actors (or writers or directors, it's never clear) push the envelope too far into ludicrous (or Ludacris, depending on which 2Fast2Furious you rent). We end up with movies that are fun to make fun of - as long as we stay away from the "Epic Movie" style.

A few movies that take themselves a bit too seriously (sorry, couldn't think of "short films"):

Step Up (both of them)
The Fast and The Furious (all of them)
Never Back Down (oh how Djimon Hounsou has fallen)
The Da Vinci Code (Hanks' hair, the convoluted plot, everything)
The Peaceful Warrior (Nick Nolte as a guru? Seriously?)
Days of Thunder (did NOT age well)
Slipstream (if it makes ANY sense to you I'll give you a dollar)
Titanic (maybe an unfair inclusion as so many ppl loved it)
10,000 B.C. (hilariously awful)
xXx: State of the Union (Ice Cube honestly thinks he can act in this!)
Proof of Life (Russell Crowe being, well, Russell Crowe)
Collateral Damage (maybe not the worst Ah-nold film, but close)

That's all I can think of off the top of my head. Hope it helped a little!


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