Digital Camera Phone Nokia 3650 is a Complete Mobile Communication Tool

These days, consumers expect their mobile phone to be much more than just a phone. Technology is moving at a breathtaking pace, and the features available on mobile phones now would hardly have been dreamed of even twelve months ago. All of a sudden science fiction has become everyday reality.

The new Nokia 3650 has the works. It is a complete mobile communication tool incorporating a phone, digital picture and video camera, video player, audio player and game device. More information is available at

The built-in camera can take still pictures or video, and send them instantly using Nokia’s advanced multimedia messaging technology. Video, still pictures, text and voice clips can be sent via MMS or email to any compatible phone, or even to a PC. The phone features both infrared and bluetooth wireless connectivity. Text or picture messages can be sent to other mobile phones via SMS.

The inbuilt video player has Real One software, so it’s possible to play video clips and movie trailers, either by downloading and playing locally, or streaming directly from the internet.

The Nokia 3650 also has the full complement of mobile phone features, including predictive text input for SMS messaging, a ring tone composer and the capacity to download MIDI and WAV ringtones, voice dialing, a voice recorder and an integrated hands free speaker.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a mobile phone without games. The 3650 can play Java and Symbian games, and users can even play multiplayer games using bluetooth or infrared connectivity, with anyone who has a compatible phone. New Java games and applications can be downloaded from the internet.

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Author: Sufi Fanning

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