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Dog Toys

Most of you may wonder why dogs even have a need for toys… The truth is that a dog’s need for them does not just stem from a quirky impulse of theirs. Moreover, contrary to popular belief, a dog’s need for toys isn’t limited to the early stages of ...

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Dog Treats

Dog treats are called “treats” for a reason. As dog owners, we make them available to our pets for a variety of purposes. Treats are most commonly used in the pet training process. Dogs enjoy food just as much as anyone, but we all know that consta...

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Dog Store

When it comes to catering to your dog’s needs, you want to make sure that you provide it with quality goods. Whether it be food, accessories, or toys– you want to make sure that your dog gets nothing but the best. However, in tough economic times l...

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Dog Beds

Making sure that your dog gets rest is crucial in helping it maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. For most of doting dog owners, having them sleep in our beds or furniture is nothing new. However, what we must realize is that dogs, just like u...

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Health Concerns of Papillons

The average life span of Papillons is 13-16 years. Historically, it was owned by royal courts and aristocrats and was considered a popular adornment for these higher members of society. Perhaps one reason is its sensitivity to sounds which provides...

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