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Doing business successfully online is all about one thing. It’s not about how good your website looks, there are over a billion web page today who will find yours. Gone are the days when if you built it they would come. It’s not about how profitable your product is, or how useful that item you are selling is. Successful online businesses have one thing in common. Real and large amounts of targeted traffic. Even the ugliest website with targeted traffic I guarantee you is making sales.

The big problem facing the small net entrepreneur is costs. The best traffic sources are from the search engines.

1)Either your website is first in it’s respective search term.
2)You pay to list your website in the advertising section of the respective S.E’S

Getting your website in the first position is a task so tedious that this is just not an option to many people.
Paying for traffic can be expensive.

The one way that people can get targeted traffic is from online forums and discussion groups. Try these two exercises. Goto and type in Forums you will get a huge amount of results. Next type in roach forums, pink elephant forums.
The point is if you can think of it there is probably a forum about it. It is a little known fact that the fastest way to become recognized as an expert in your field is to contribute helpful and valuable posts on a regular basis in the forums that your target market hangs out in.

Now the way to go is to join as many forums in your target market group as you can and then constantly participate in posting messages. Most forums allow you to put your advert in your post signature. Some forums even have an advertising section where by you can place your message in intervals that are determined by the forum administrator.

The reason forums are so powerful in getting your website traffic is that real people goto these forums every single day looking for information etc.

Now comes the problem. After 1 month of joining and posting to forums you could be a member of 100’s of forums. Managing all those forums and posts will prove to be a problem.
The solution. Russell Brunson’s forum fortunes.

Automate Your Forum Message Posting and Replies With Forum Fortunes.
This award winning one of kind software lets you manage your forum postings so that you will quickly be recognised as an expert in your particular field.

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Remember whatever you are selling from curios to cars, real estate to holidays your target market congregates every day searching for your product on forums.

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