The Power of Linking

The Power of Linking
One of the first techniques and strategies that worked well
for me was linking to various websites that allow you to
place a link to your website on theirs, or want to exchange
a link.

However, don’t randomly begin linking to any old site. To
maximize the effectiveness of the link, you are going to want
the top websites the are ranked high by the search engines.

You can probably see where I am going with this. Use your
favorite search engine to type in something like Home Business
Opportunities, or Work at Home. These are sights that have
similar content to yours and are in the same category. It might
take a little time, but visit the top 40 or 50 sites and add your links.

Look for the HTML that says Add a link or Submit a link.
When you are done with that, be creative and repeat the
process but with a different search term.

If you need some help on coming up with creative search terms,
Try this link
This will give you suggestions on different terms that you can
search and submit.

In summary, linking is a powerful tool that you can use to
promote your website. It is free marketing for your site, it
improves your rating with the major search engines, and it
can formulate mutual friendships that benefit all.

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