Freebies are Worth Every Penny

Freebies are Worth Every Penny

 by: Scott Foreman

What’s the best way to make money online?

I know what you’re thinking, “he can’t possibly be answering a question that cliched.” Actually, you’re right. I’m not offering a definitive position on THE BEST moneymaker, but a really, really good way is also a pretty easy way.

If you’re like me, you get lots of emails and lots of internet marketing offers everyday. If you read every offer and clicked on every link, you’d never be able to live your life.

As a result, you know you have to offer your customers and visitors value or they won’t buy and won’t come back to your site. There are many things that are worth every penny of their cost, but what if there was no cost? What if you consistently gave your customers valuable information and products without charging them? Is that crazy? I don’t think so.

Think about it. If the only time you contact your mailing list is to sell them something, you better have some great products or your customers will get tired of hearing from you pretty quickly. If, however, you gave your customers free information on a repeat basis, you are adding value to your relationship with them. Value added equals trust gained. When trust is gained, the products you promote are more likely to convert to sales.

Where do you get free products? Create original content. Write something original. Research a hot topic. Become an expert on a subject. Does it take work? Yes. Does it take a PhD? No. If you write articles, you can compile similar articles into a mini ebook. If there is a topic in your niche market that is popular, read up on it and offer a summary. Do you have unique knowledge or skills that other people need? Provide answers to people’s questions.

Also, since PDF’s are the most popular way to transmit ebooks now, you’ll need a way to create those documents. For a way to turn standard word processing documents into PDF’s, check out this cool tool:

The next newsletter you send to your list, don’t try to sell anything. Instead, give away something useful. You may not see an immediate impact on traffic and sales, but over the long term, you’re sure to reap the benefits of goodwill.

Remember, be good to yourself and never underestimate the power associated with the intensity of your passion.

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by Scott Foreman

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