Secrets Of The SUPER Super Affiliates

Secrets Of The SUPER Super Affiliates

 by: Willie Crawford

A super affiliate is an affiliate product marketer who has the ability to sell a LOT of affiliate products. Since this affiliate can produce much greater results than an average affiliate, he is often offered special deals by affiliate program managers. Affiliate program managers know that 5% of their affiliates are going to produce 95% of their results, so they reward top affiliates handsomely.

Being a super affiliate is no minor accomplishment. To attain the large volume of sales requires either a lot of sales skills, a large list, a mastery of using pay-per-click search engines, or some combination of the above. Super affiliates, like Rosalind Gardner, author of The Super Affiliate Handbook, earn hundreds of thousands of dollars with their skills. She reveals exactly how she does this in her best selling ebook. You can grab a copy at:

Believe it or not, there are affiliates who do even better than super affiliates. They are what I call the SUPER, super affiliates. These super, super affiliates use leverage to sell more in a month than many affiliates do in a year.

You're probably scratching your head wondering how anyone could possibly do that. What's their secret? The secret is that certain affiliates are also JV brokers. They are affiliates for 2-tier affiliate programs, and many basically recruit affiliates for their second tier.

If you've been involved in 2-tier affiliate programs before, you know that you generally can't depend upon your second tier to make you rich. That goes back to the fact that 95% of those who join an affiliate program will never even really try to make a sale. Your earnings with any affiliate program will generally depend upon your own efforts!

So what's different about the JV broker? He negotiates an exclusive, or semi-exclusive, deal to recruit super affiliates for a given affiliate program. The negotiations might be for a larger than normal commission for himself or for the affiliates he recruits. It almost always will be for some type of special consideration that allows him to make a special offer when recruiting super affiliates.

What makes JV brokering so powerful for the super, super affiliate is that instead of waiting for affiliates to join under him he CHOOSES the affiliates he wants under him. He has some special offer he can make to them that makes them more likely to join and promote a given affiliate program.

To give you an idea of how powerful this can be, download the free PDF ebook that I wrote giving the details of just one such JV that I brokered. You can get it at:

Before you even download it, I'll tell you that ONE JV generated nearly $60,000 in affiliate sales in the first 30 days. Then, with all of these super affiliates on my second tier, I will continue to earn commissions for months, even years to come. Can you see why someone who can do this should be called a super, super affiliate :-)

I won't take credit for any of the ideas I used to become a super, super affiliate. I got those from a young JV broker named Jason Cox. I just read his book and adopted his teachings as my own. Jason has been brokering JV's for a long time, has written a book on the topic, and has even hosted a seminar to teach his methods.

Jason is actually putting on a free seminar in Las Vegas, Nevada, February 18th - 20th, 2005. His past customers, and all of the super, super affiliates (JV brokers) will be there. You can read more about this seminar and how you can attend free at:

This would be a great chance to see how super, super affiliates actually operate.

Back to the secret of the super, super affiliates.... they simply recruit super affiliates to be on their second tier. They do this via email, telephone, letter, courier package, and even by giving away websites. You can see how one super, super affiliate does this masterfully by giving away free, customized websites and software at:

Spend some time today studying not only how super affiliates manage to make so many sales, but also how super, super affiliates use leverage to earn many times the commissions of average affiliates. Once you see how simply and easily this is done, you'll never settle for being a regular affiliate again :-)

Copyright 2004 Willie Crawford