The Best Online Forums

The Best Online Forums
By Jeremy Gossman of

Post articles, questions, and answers to questions in
forums. Follow the guidelines of each forum on leaving
your web site link. Usually they allow you to leave a
short resource box or signature with your link.

Where to post:

MLM Forums:

Reasons I like to post to forums:

The main reason is for exposure and getting my website
out there. Search engines will also find your links
through these forums and message boards.

You will meet some neat and interesting folks out there
as well as make some friends. Most individuals in the
forums are truly trying to help others with their
posts. Some individuals are looking to stir stuff up
but don’t get to caught up in those types of

There are a lot of users that just read the posts and
don’t respond. You can see how many people have viewed
particular topics and get an Idea of the type of
traffic that is coming in.

Some of the forums above are of the message board
variety where you do not have to register to post. The
format is just a little bit different and there is only
one category to post to.

Posting to forums can be a lot of fun and a bit
addicting so keep it focused and budget your time and
remember your goal for being there in the first place.

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