Organic And Artificial Link Building Techniques

What is link building? Link building is a technique widely used as an Internet marketing strategy to improve the relevance of a website in search engine result pages or SERPS. This technique is also known as one of the main strategy used in SEO or search engine optimization.

Link building involves a number of techniques and methods, and these techniques are categorized between two different techniques known as organic or natural link building techniques and artificial link building techniques.

Organic link building

Organic or natural link building techniques are those methods which involves the natural growth of links to a website without having to do any actual link building. According to many SEO Philippines experts, these techniques are also known as link baits. If done right, it can be a very powerful tool in SEO and link building.

Social bookmarking and networking sites

One of the most effective means used in link building today are social bookmarking and social networking. Social bookmarking mostly involves the use of bookmarking sites such as Digg or StumbleUpon to create artificial links.

However, this technique is also known as a type of natural link building because it can also attract people to link to your site, particularly if they liked your news and voted heavily on it. Similar to social bookmarking, social networking works the same way too, by creating popularity through social networking sites such as Friendster, MySpace, and Facebook.


A very straight forward way to get a lot of natural links is starting a blog in which people in your niche would likely link to. Creating unique blog posts and content is one way to get a lot of attention in the market, particularly when people would start linking on it and make news about this special blog.

Free tools and tutorials

Another popular way to get a lot of quality links is to give them free tools which they could use for their own purposes. Free video tutorials are also popular, and most likely link to your website and spread the word.

Artificial link building

Compared to natural link building, artificial link building techniques mostly involves the use of techniques and methods which can be controlled by specialists. This involves the use of blog comments, forum signatures, article submission, and link exchange.

Link exchange

One of the oldest type of link building techniques used in today